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Photoshop cs3 & Canon cr2 files?

I have CS3 and when I try to load Canon raw files CR2 it wont open them, tells me it does not know this file extension. I have tried to convert the photos to DNG in bridge but it does not give the option. The only way I can get the photos into CS3 is to load via Lightroom 1.4, I also have Elements 7 and have no problems at all. Is ther some sort of upgrade I should be looking for??

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    What model of canon camera do you have?

    If its a very recent model then you will need the latest camera raw plug in, and as another poster noted, versions newer than 5 will not work on CS3.

    The options are to open via Elements and save as a 16bit PSD or TIF then open the file in Photoshop CS3, or to use canons own raw conversion software.

    You can check what cameras are supported by with camera raw upgrade at the adobe support pages.

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    Right click the file and "open with" whatever program came "native" with whatever version of windows you're using. ANY photo viewer should open a raw file.

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    The updated plug in is Camera Raw 5.2 but unfortunately this will not work with versions earlier than CS4....

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    you need a plugin from adobe. google it

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