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About Scientology and L Ron Hubbard?

Do they really believe in Xenu the Alien?

Today Tonight did a story about members above OT 3 being let in on the 'real' story. They had film of L Ron Hubbard explaining all the back-story to the faith.

Any Scientologists comments would be helpful.

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    I'm not a Scientoligist. But know more about the tech then I ever wanted to learn. Every thing I'm writting is true and what happened to me at one of there rehabs called NARCONON.

    Scientology has nothing to do with Religion or Science. It is a Scam and a Cult!

    It is a bunch of twisted facts and some bull crap tech on how man should live his life. Their idea of Ethics is nothing as you and I would want to follow.

    They believe that any problem you have from a bad marriage to drug addiction can be cured by their tech. This includes getting a better job and coming out of a deep depression. They claim to fix it by using the same tech on everyone.

    Here is a one of their dangerous beliefs:

    They believe that "All illnesses to a greater or lesser degree and all fowl ups stem directly and only from what they call a PTS (Potential Trouble Source) condition." To be PTS means you are being supressed by an SP. An SP (Supressive Person). 1)So if you get sick they believe that it is caused by an SP, find out who the SP is and dissconect from that person and you will not be ill. You will not need a doctor or meds.2) Let say you work for them. You are driving one of their cars. You back up and hit something like a pole that was out of your veiwing range. This fowl up has been caused because you are PTS.Not because you just couldn't see it. Now you are put in one of their conditions. This would probably be The Condition of Treason. Treason definition: Betrayal after trust. They trusted you to drive the car and not hit a pole. You are now going to be put on an ethics cycle and relearn what you already paid for them to teach you. Manual labor and humilation. That's only part of the proccess to get back into their good graces.

    Then the higher levels are right out of there founding fathers (LR Hubbard) Sci FI books. In order to learn that stuff you must pay lot of money to go through the classes to tell you this crazy secret.

    Never take one of there personality test. That is how they tell you what is wrong in your life. A 200 question personality test that everyone takes. Same test for every problem. It is a money making scam that will turn you into a penniless cult member

    I was scamed into one of their drug rehabs(NARCONON). They took

    $ 30,000 from me and my family. They told me my family disowned me and I tried to killmy self three months later. My family loves me now and always have. Stay away from these people

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    not something hobbies me approximately it via fact it truly is baloney. i admire the way you adapted your question in a ineffective attempt to place people off criticizing it. Sorry fella, unlikely to artwork. What places me off of it are right here factors:- a million) initially, besides the certainty that i don't in many circumstances seperate the two meanings - $cientology is a CULT, not a faith 2) they have tax exemption interior the U. S. whilst needless to say they seem to be a income making enterprise and not a "faith" 3) I easily have listened to L r Hubbard talk countless circumstances on youtube video clips of his television and radio interviews, alongside with each and all the Xenu BS and truly frankly in case you won't be in a position to tell he's crazier than a fruit bat then you relatively are mad your self. 4) I easily have study many articles via former $cientologists and to be uncomplicated little or no if any have been beneficial 5) Hubbard replaced into quoted as asserting the least puzzling thank you to make funds replaced into invent your guy or woman faith 6) I easily have watched video clips of $cientology secure practices appearing like they have been the police and attempting to snatch and bodily bully a guy and woman who took some pictures close to a $cientology HQ 7) Oh yeah, almost forgot watched a BBC reporter infiltrate $CIENTOLOGY and are available back with a report of what she had to do and witnessed some mad guy attempting to flow an ashtray along with his determination. 8) Watched diverse video clips of $cientologists and that i stumble on them unusual, creepy, deluded and brainwashed persons. i wish that sums up relatively nicely what my opinion of those people is. stay faraway from funds CRAZED CULTS people

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    many people have the rong idea of what scientology is and they beleive that it is about aliens and xenu which is not true...i have scientologist firends who dont beleive in this at all...personally if that was true id think that was pretty weird and creepy as well,,, but people seem to be illinformed by the media who critisize it.....scientology is not something to fear and nobody has any proof to say that it is about aliens......

    i think u should pick a few things about scientology that u do not like and ask yourself where u got that information from because u may be misinformed......the media have made up stuff, critised it and put it down for years ...for ppl who says its about aliens and stuff,,,, i think it would be interesting to find out where they got that imformaition from becasue most likly it is media and not first hand..

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    Scientology is a bad influence to people, and Hubbard was a hypocrite and a lier. That's all I gotta say.

    About Xenu, only people who was in the cult long enough and at "top level" learn about aliens and Xenu.

    In other word, BRAINWASHED.

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    YES! They really do believe in Xenu and Thetans and all the crazy made up stuff that Science Fiction writer L. Rob Hubbard dreamed up. South Park got it right!

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    L Ron Hubbard is to religion as Bernie Madoff is to Wall St.

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    Scientology is the only "religious(self-proclaimed)" organization whom I dismiss with extreme disgust. In the firstplace, I don't even consider Scientology as a religion. It's just the world's largest organization full of charlatans and victims.

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    And Hubbard is waiting for them all, on another planet. Yes.

    I've heard the scientologists have been trying to have this web page purged from the Internet for years, because it tells the WHOLE story...


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    That's all most certainly true. Not surprisingly the story is only revealed at OT 3 as until that level of brainwashing it would be entirely probable that you would reject it as completely mad.

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    Yes, they do believe in Xenu. If you want more info, check the link.

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