Name Game - Create a Family?

OK - A fun game for those who like to come up with names... You need to come up with names for this family


~ Husband/Father's, Wife/Mother's, and all #-kid's first names must start with the letter listed (ex. Husband/Father could be Alexander Graham, and #3-son could be Nathaniel Xavier)

~ All other family members must have either the first or middle name start with the letter listed (ex. 2-daughter could be Katherine Elaine or Louise Kerensa)

~ Character's must have at least a first/middle combo

Best family will get the points :)

Letter Character

A Husband/Father

B Wife/Mother

C #1 Son

D Son's Wife

E 1-son

F 1-daughter (twin)

G 1-daughter (twin)

H 1-son

I #2 Daughter

J Daughter's husband

K 2-daughter

L 2-son

M 2-daughter

N #3 Son

O Son's Wife

P 3-daughter (triplets)

Q 3-daughter (triplets)

R 3-daughter (triplets)

S #4 Son

T Son's Wife

U 4-son

V 4-son

W #5 Daughter

X Daughter's husband

Y 5-daughter

Z 5-son



OK - I want in on the fun, so below are my answers :)


A Husband/Father Alastair Patrick Walsh

Born in Ireland with a Welsh/Irish background... went to America for extended education and a "change of view"

B Wife/Mother Bridget Faith (Gray) Walsh

Third generation Irish-American… Spent a year touring Ireland… went back to school and met Alex… thus a love story was born…

They married and decided to stay in the states, however, they travel to Ireland every 3-5 years.

C #1 Son Conan Ulric Walsh - 35 years-old

I #2 Daughter Isolde Róis (Walsh) Montgomery - 32 years-old

N #3 Son Naomhán Fionn Walsh (Twins with Somerled) - 30 years-old

S #4 Son Somerled Rhys Walsh (Twins with Naomhán) - 30 years-old

W #5 Daughter Winnifred Moira (Walsh) Van Pey - 27 years-old

All of the children are out on their own with families of their own...

Update 2:

C Conan Ulric Walsh

D Elizabeth Dawn (Ellis) Walsh

Grew up next door to each other. Both are the eldest child of the family. They grew up best friends and then started dating. The high-school romance quickly grew into true love...

E (son) Ellis Alastair

Named for his mother's surname (also a Welsh name derived from elus meaning "kind") and for his grandfather

F (daughter / twin) Laurel Faith

Carries her paternal grandmother's middle name as her own middle name

G (daughter / twin) Hazel Gwen

Carries her maternal grandmother's middle name as her own middle name

H (son) Gray Hamish

Carries his paternal grandmother's maiden name as his first

Update 3:

I Isolde Róis (Walsh) Montgomery

J Dax Jared Montgomery

Met at a concert. It wasn't love at first sight (both had a SO)... but a friendship was built... During the next 3 years, neither was single at the same time. Finally, both were single at the same time, and things grew into a deep and lasting love...

K (daughter) Juniper Kerensa Róis (June)

Róis is after her mother's middle name

L (son) Lex Mordecai Tristan

Lex is to honor both his grandfather (whose name is a version of Alexander and Lex is a nickname of) and to honor his father by also having a 3-letter name ending in "x" - Tristan is to honor his mother, as a link to the story Tristan & Isolde

M (daughter) Lotus Moira Joy (Lo)

Moira is after little sister's middle name

Update 4:

N Naomhán Fionn Walsh

O Ambrosine Ione (Shine) Walsh (Twins with Serphina)

Naomhán and Somerled went to collages in different states (both wanted to experience life outside of the "twin"). Naomhán met Seraphina while both attended the same college, and Somerled met Ambrosine while both attended the same college - each set made a close friendship. After four years, the four of them got together for a big "We did it!" party, and found that their true loves had been at the opposite colleges!

P (daughter / triplets) Abigail Eurwen

Q (daughter / triplets) Letitia Aureole

R (daughter / triplets) Rowena Orla

All first names contains "joy" - middle names contains "gold"

Update 5:

** edit **

triplet daughter's should be:

P Abigail Pádraigín Eurwen

Q Letitia Quinn Aureole

R Rowena Mona Orla

All first names contains "joy" - all first-middle names mean something similar to "noble" and are Irish - all second middle names contains "gold"

Update 6:

S Somerled Rhys Walsh

T Seraphina Ruby (Shine) Walsh

U (son) Asher Rhys Uilleag

twin - "happy or blessed" "enthusiasm" "playful heart"

V (son) Carwyn Gil Velvel

twin - means "blessed love" "joy, happiness" "wolf" - Both Uilleag and Velvel are variations of William... Seraphina's best friend was Jewish, and she died of cancer in high school. These names are meant to honor her friendship...

Update 7:

W Winnifred Moira (Walsh) Van Pey

X Cornelius Xander Van Pey

The two met in London during the last family trip 5 years ago... It was a whirlwind romance, and the two have not left each other's side since. Since Cornelius is Dutch and Winnie is Irish-American, they made a compromise and not live in London. Both family see them frequently, however, as Cornelius has his own technology business (and business is booming!)

Y (daughter) Anna Yseult

Yseult is to honor her sister, Isolde

Z (son) Zeke Karel

Karel is to honor Cornelius' older brother who died when a drunk driver crashed into his vehicle while on the way home from college for a Christmas break.

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    A - Art Nathan

    B - Beatrice Margaret


    C - Cillian Patrick

    D - Delia Marie

    E - Edgar Patrick

    F - Frances Angela

    G - Georgette Agnes

    H - Henry Cillian


    I - Isolde Regina

    J - John Joseph

    K - Kerry John

    L - Liam Joseph

    M - Margaret Winifred


    N - Nathan Malachy

    O - Oonagh Helen

    P - Pearl Cordelia

    Q - Queen Esmerelda

    R - Ruby Cleopatra


    S - Seamus Brian

    T - Theresa Bernadette

    U - Uilliam Xavier

    V - Vaughn Ignatius


    W - Winifred Orla

    X - Xavier Francis

    Y - Yseult Beatrice

    Z - Zavier Art

    I love this family.

    I made up a whole story for them!

    Art and Beatrice Hogan had Cillian, Isolde, Nathan, Seamus, and Winifred. Winnie and Izzy were very close, being the only girls.

    Cillian married an Italian. They met when Cillian, an innocent bystander, was struck in the head with a home office projectile during yet another break-up with Delia's longtime boyfriend, Carmine. Their twins both have middle names that start with A, while Frances and Agnes have the same ending sound and Georgette and Angela both have those soft G's. Henry was named after Delia's younger brother, who passed away weeks before he was born. They had the name Hugo picked out for him before that.

    Isolde is the most grounded of the siblings. She married a good provider and a great father. They have three adored children - their only girl is named after Izzy's mother and sister. Their oldest was recently accepted into Notre Dame - he is named for John's father, Kerry John O'Carroll.

    Nathan is sort of the black sheep of the family. He married an artist and they live together in the woods of Vermont. Their triplets are all named for gems and royalty. Cordelia, King Lear's daughter, and Esmerelda, meaning Emerald. At two years old, Queenie is already living up to her name. Pearl is the only grandchild that carries on Beatrice's red hair!

    Seamus married Theresa, the very Catholic only child, of a Scottish immigrant. Although Seamus and his father-in-law don't get along, he and Theresa named their sons after him - Uilliam Aloysius Vaughn. Both boys have middle names of Saints.

    Winnie met Xavier at a Bruce Springsteen Concert when she was 17. Both flighty, both youngest children, they aren't the perfect match, except that they love each other passionately. Winnie named her daughter after her best friend: her older sister, and her mother. She named her son after her husband and her father. They recently moved out of Art and Bea's home and are 20 and 22 years old.

    Thanks for letting me do all that unnecessary storytelling!

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    A Husband/Father – Arion Gabriel

    B Wife/Mother – Brielle Olivia

    C #1 Son – Colton Thomas

    D Son's Wife – Desiree Danielle

    E 1-son – Elijah Jackson

    F 1-daughter (twin) – Faline Alexandra

    G 1-daughter (twin) – Gwendolyn Alexis

    H 1-son – Hadden Christopher

    I #2 Daughter – Isabelle Hope

    J Daughter's husband – Jaggar James

    K 2-daughter – Kenadi Grace

    L 2-son – Levi Lawrence

    M 2-daughter – Madison Rose

    N #3 Son – Nolan Nathaniel

    O Son's Wife – Olivia Marie

    P 3-daughter (triplets) – Piper Mae

    Q 3-daughter (triplets) – Quinn Faye

    R 3-daughter (triplets) – Rylee Rae

    S #4 Son – Solon Ross

    T Son's Wife – Taylor Faith

    U 4-son – Uri Alexander

    V 4-son – Vincent Isaiah

    W #5 Daughter – Willow Christine

    X Daughter's husband – Xavier Benjamin

    Y 5-daughter – Yvonne Gabrielle

    Z 5-son – Zeevi Michael

    This was a fun and different game and I understood that some of the middle names could start with the letter listed, but I wanted to use the letter for all the first names. :D.

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    A Husband/Father Alexander William Reed

    B Wife/Mother Beatrice Catherine (Hoffman) Reed

    C #1 Son Collin William Reed

    D Son's Wife Diana Tracy (Phillips) Reed

    E 1-son Eric William Reed

    F 1-daughter (twin) Felicia Michelle Reed

    G 1-daughter (twin) Guinevere Helena Reed

    H 1-son Heath Charles Reed

    I #2 Daughter Isleen Catherine (Reed) Christensen

    J Daughter's husband James Parker Christensen

    K 2-daughter Katherine Amelia Christensen

    L 2-son Louis Daniel Christensen

    M 2-daughter Maria Beatrice Christensen

    N #3 Son Nathan Wesley Reed

    O Son's Wife Olivia Christine (Lewis) Reed

    P 3-daughter (triplets) Paige Christine Reed

    Q 3-daughter (triplets) Quinn Beatrice Reed

    R 3-daughter (triplets) Rachel Catherine Reed

    S #4 Son Samuel Allen Reed

    T Son's Wife Taylor Alanna (Hughes) Reed

    U 4-son Ulysses Carter Reed

    V 4-son Vincent Archibald Reed

    W #5 Daughter Wren Stephanie (Reed) Davis

    X Daughter's husband Xander Bartholomew Davis

    Y 5-daughter Yvette Catherine Davis

    Z 5-son Zane William Davis

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    Letter Character

    A Husband/Father- Alexander (Alex) Ralph

    B Wife/Mother- Bella (I so want to write Swan) Louise- married against their parents will and ran away to Sweden (I'm a sucker for romance) before returning to Texas when Bella was pregnant with Carter.

    C #1 Son- Carter Michael

    D Son's Wife- Dianne Catherine

    Carter is a famous drummer and is rolling in mega-bucks. Dianne is a model and all the children are beautiful but spoilt. Fell out with his parents after the twins were born and doesnt see the family much.

    E 1-son- Edward Henry

    F 1-daughter (twin)- Felicity Clare

    G 1-daughter (twin)- Gemma Naomi

    H 1-son- Hamish David

    I #2 Daughter- Ingrid Sibine

    J Daughter's husband- Jack Matthew

    Beautiful Ingrid fell in love with Irish Jack in college and married him after six weeks. She's expecting another baby soon!

    K 2-daughter- Kirsten Niamph (Neave)

    L 2-son- Laurence Dean

    M 2-daughter- Molly Paige

    N #3 Son- Nicholas Craig

    O Son's Wife- Olivia Sophie

    Nick was always the black sheep of the family and moved out as soon as he could. Skipped college and got an apprentiship as a builder, where he fell in love with his bosses daughter. But he has too many emotional problems for a relationship and the marriage ended in tears. The triplets spend the week with their mum and the weekend with their dad, who they can't help but love.

    P 3-daughter (triplets)- Pippa Sabine

    Q 3-daughter (triplets)- Quinn Poppy

    R 3-daughter (triplets)- Rachel Queen

    S #4 Son- Samuel Laurence

    T Son's Wife- Tayla Abigail

    Sam was always the loudest- maybe being in such a big family meant that to be heard, he had to be. He is a minor actor, compared to his wife, the famous Aussie Tayla. They travel alot.

    U 4-son- Upton Bradley

    V 4-son- Vaughn Red

    W #5 Daughter- Whittney Rebecca

    X Daughter's husband- Xander James

    Whitney, a girly perfectionist, thought she would never find happiness. She had cancer when she was twenty-seven and met Xander in the hospital. She made a strong recovery and ended up pregnant less than a month later.

    Y 5-daughter- Yvonne Harriet

    Z 5-son- Zevon Bryer

    Boy, I'm tired now!

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    Father/Husband- Adrian Lucas

    Mother/Wife- Bonnie Rose

    Son- Calvin Lucas

    Calvin's wife- Deirdre Irene

    Twins- Fiona Nadine and Glory Nicole

    Son- Henry James

    Daughter- Iris Daphne

    Daphne's husband- Jacob Vincent

    Daughter- Kirsten 'Kirstie' Louise

    Son- Levi Michael

    Daughter- Maisie Catherine

    Son- Nicholas James

    Nicholas' wife- Olive Marlene

    Triplets- Pricilla Victoria, Quinn Henriette and Rebekah Catherine

    Son- Sebastian Isaac

    Sebastian's wife- Tatiana Annabelle

    Son- Uriah Matthew

    Son- Victor Joseph

    Daughter- Willa Stephanie

    Willa's husband- Xavier Evans

    Daughter- Yvonne Lou

    Son- Zachary Brad

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    A Alec Ryan

    B Brianna June "Bri"

    C Charles Ryan

    D Daniella Clare "Dani"

    E Ethan Travis

    F Faith Lauren(twin)

    G Gloria Kathleen(twin)

    H Hayden Tyler

    I Isabella Lettie "Bella"

    J Clara Janelle

    K Kate Lyn

    L Laurence Kevin

    M Matilda Adara "Matty"

    N Nathaniel Xavier

    O Olivia Eileen

    P Piper Kae (triplets)

    Q Quinn Mae (triplets)

    R Rylie Fae (triplets)

    S Samuel Orion

    T Taylor Julia

    U Uther Leon

    V Vincent Lyle

    W Willamina Laurel

    X Xander Mark

    Y Yvonna Isadora

    Z Zander Mathew (After her father)

    That was fun. Not all are names I would use...but none are my opinion at least.

  • A- Ashley Emmett

    B- Brendi Nessa

    C- Chris Logan

    D- Dalinda Fiona

    E- Ecko Quin

    F- Fleur Rosalie

    G- Gabrielle Taurus

    H- Hyde Chisa

    I- Indianna Sway

    J- Jasper Charlie

    K- Karlee Bella

    L- Lyone Oliver

    M- Melody Jane

    N- Navy Cruz

    O- Odessie Lake

    P- Pyper Gha

    Q- Quiana Belle

    R- Rory Lorilie

    S- Sebastian Guy

    T- Tessa Suei

    U- Utah Shane

    V- Vega Edward

    W- Wissper Alice

    X- Xzavier Lincoln

    Y- Yazmina Jassie

    Z- Zoel Tim

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    4 years ago

    Reese Devon Alexis Rebecca Prince Carter, Maxwell Ashton Charles Bethany Louise

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm kind of confused with the rules, so I will just name them!

    A Husband/Father - Nathan John

    B Wife/Mother - Christina Renee

    C #1 Son - Nicholas Jude

    D Son's Wife - Alexandra Kate

    E 1-son - Alastair Nicholas

    F 1-daughter (twin) - Isla Juliet

    G 1-daughter (twin) - Esmee Lily

    H 1-son - Caleb Thomas

    I #2 Daughter - Miranda Rosalind

    J Daughter's husband - Matthew Adrian

    K 2-daughter - Cordelia June

    L 2-son - Heath Nathaniel

    M 2-daughter - Juliet Christine

    N #3 Son - Jasper John

    O Son's Wife - Delilah Kate

    P 3-daughter (triplets) Lorelei Kate

    Q 3-daughter (triplets) Athena Eve

    R 3-daughter (triplets) Isadora Charlotte

    S #4 Son - Trace Kenneth

    T Son's Wife - Dannie Lynn

    U 4-son - Rowan Trace

    V 4-son - Cade Daniel

    W #5 Daughter - Violet Evangelina

    X Daughter's husband - Charles Jordan

    Y 5-daughter - Marina Sapphire

    Z 5-son - Cassius Jordan

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    Husband - Aubrey Lane

    Wife - Beatrice Ruby "Bea"

    First Son - Caspian Bleu "Crispin"

    Son's Wife - Dahlia Camille

    Son - Quinn Elliot

    Daughter - Francesca Astrid "Frannie"

    Daughter - Guinevere Eliza "Ginny"

    First Daughter - Isla Mathilde

    Daughter's Husband - Jude Gabriel

    Daughter - Keziah Naomi

    Son - Issac Levi

    Daughter - Magdalena Jane "Maggie"

    Second Son - Nolan Rhys

    Son's Wife - Ophelie Violet "Opal"

    Daughter - Victoria Pearl

    Daughter - Baby Q, deceased. (Why could this have been a boy? Haha)

    Daughter - Rose Lovella

    Third Son - Séan Patrick

    Son's Wife - Tallulah Niamh

    Son - Uilleam Tadhg

    Son - Vincent Kendall

    Second Daughter - Wilhelmina Lilac "Willa"

    Daughter's Husband - Xerxes

    Daughter - Yasmin

    Son - Avan Zachariah

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