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英文高手請進來>< 急~

有關以下文法 要填什麼答案 拜託了~

1We have __ the bus for almost an hour. Maybe we should take the taxi instead.

(A)waited on (B)watched for (C)cared for (D)waited for

2__ our hard work,I'm certain that we can make it someday.

(A)Have (B)To have (C)Because (D)With

3He is very thoughtful__people in need

(A)of (B)at (C)with (D)for

4People in America and Taiwan both nod their heads __a way of saying yes.

(A)as (B)to (C)in (D)for

5Joe kept telling others that he will do__next time after losing the game.

(A)more (B)much better (C)more good (D)as good

6“__a ridiculous story!”said David after he saw the movie.

(A)How (B)when (C)what (D)why

7Cheese is made__milk.

(A)of (B)from (C)to (D)into

8The red dress looks great,but it is__more expensive than the white one.

(A)less (B)much (c)many (D)few

9Tina sent the mail__her friend in America by air.

(A)in (B)to (C)for (D)by

10In some__, living in the countryside is more comfortable than living in a city.

(A)times (B)ways (C)things (D)sides

11Do you see the tree__presents on it?(choose the wrong answer)

(A)with (B)that has (C)which has (D)had

12Do you see the strange man over there, the one__a rose in his hand?

(A)who had (B)which has (C)who has (D)who with

13“Stay__,we will help you find your son,”said the policeman to the worried parents.

(A)cool (B)happily (C)careful (D)silence

14 I__a question__the teacher in the English class today.

(A)asked;of (B)heard;of (C)noted;to (D)thought;by


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