Head and Camshaft Combo for 1995 mustang gt?

here is the scoop, i already have 1.7 roller rockers, 1995 cobra intake manifold, so my next project will be to upgrade the heads and camshaft.

im trying to do this as inexpensively as possible. so here is what i was thinking

i believe edelbrock or holley makes heads that i can re-use my pedastal mount rocker arms. so either set of those heads, and with those heads on stock 95 pistons i researched and found i can at most go to .520 lift. so either a ford racing "b" camshaft or similar model would suit me best. correct? please inform me if there are different numbers i should be aware of..

and yes i know to always check ptv clearance instead of guessing or going by the figures.

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    well "not a ford guy", Heads and cam are the biggest improvement you can make over stock, but i can tell you knew that. I think your ideas are very good, if you wanted to got a little cheaper you could use gt-40P heads off an explorer and have them ported polished and 3-angled, which will give you performance matched with many aftermarket heads, unfortunately you need special headers for the 40p heads on a 95. Since the cobra intake only flows so much air (up to about 350h.p worth) keep that in mind while making your decision. Edlebrock Victor jr. heads are great, as are tick flow and Ford gt-40 almuinums for your application. I would recomend a B camshaft for performance, driveablility, and adaquate vaccuum.

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    im not a ford guy but i dont think you have much to gain from cam upgrade on that motor. why not save your money and put it into a stroker kit...like a 347

    edit: well smartass samiam whatever...there was no call for your remark.

    why dont you go get a gm pushrod motor and make some real power. i have an ls1 z28 that would smoke both of you stock. i have a cam in it now.

    it doesnt matter how many cobra parts you stick on it, youre not gonna make any good gains. i was just saying if you would make alot more power with the stroker motor.

    they simply dont have the right power band like they are to win a 1/4 mile.

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