What year were girls first allowed to attend college in the U.S.?

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    Bethlehem Female Seminary 1742 in Pa. Now Moravian College.

    At that time there was only one occupation for which women were trained - teaching.

    In that period, the seminaries were women's 'colleges' that trained prospective teachers.

    Tennessee and Alabama Female Institute was the first college to award a college degree equal to that men were awarded in 1851

    Elmira Female College (now Elmira College) is the oldest that awarded equal degrees to women that is still in operation. 1855

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    It's my understanding that women in the 1700's were either taught to teach or they were taught domestic training which was free of tuition and no degree was obtained. Because I have also attended some courses at Cornell, I have also learned that Cornell was the first university to grant women an actual degree in something of their choice, not "domestic training" or "teaching" which seems highly discriminatory compared to our current times.

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    I don't know, but Cornell was the first to give a woman a degree in 1873. The first woman attended the school in 1870, but she did not finish.

    Source(s): I go to Cornell.
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