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Need Help Fast about Identity Theft?

ok hopefully this doesnt sound complicated. Me and my boyfriend live in an apartment that has some really bad people living in it, and tonight before my boyfriend went to work he came back in and said that our income tax return paper was laying behind the seat of his truck. I thought i got rid of it because it was a copy i messed up on but it was very odd that it was in plain sight for him to see. My neighbors are on meth and I know it and now I dont know what to do right away just incase they got our social security numbers. I know it was a huge mistake about it being in the car but I really thought I got rid of it, please tell me what I can do tonight to stop this. My boyfriend works 3rd shift and we arent married so I know there are limitations to what I can do myself.

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    Hi there,

    I empathy with your situation about identity theft.

    Though I am a certified behavioral consultant, I have my fair share of a series identity theft I have encountered. To be honest, mine losses are far more worst than yours, close to $100,000 losses. After that, I determined to find out answers on how to prevent identity theft.

    You may want to try some of these tips:

    Effective identity theft protection is now a necessary part of doing business online of offline. Whether you’re online, on the phone or taking part in a business deal in a face-to-face arena, there are certain tips that you’ll need to remember in order to participate in a solid identity theft prevention plan. If you’ve ever used a credit card to order take-out food over the phone, you’re potentially leaving yourself wide open to identity theft.

    One of the things you can do to help protect you against identity theft is to put passwords on your credit card, bank, and phone accounts. Call your phone company today and put a password on your account. You should also ask your phone company to put what is known as a “PIC Freeze” on your phone account. This means that they will require your express permission before they switch your long distance carrier to anything other than what it is right now. There is usually no charge for this service from your phone company.

    Another thing you should do frequently, at least a few times a year is to review your credit report as frequently as possible. Get a copy of your credit report from each of the “Big Three” credit reporting bureaus and go over them with a fine tooth comb.

    Another reason for reviewing your credit report is because the majority of consumer’s credit reports contain one or more errors, and if you don’t report the error, it will never be corrected. While that is entirely separate discussion, you should review the more detailed information about this at Credit Report Help Center.

    Whenever possible, use an actual credit card instead of an ATM debit of check card. It is much easier to NOT be assessed for fraudulent charges on a real credit card, whereas many people have reported difficulty in not being required to pay charges, even fraudulent charges, when using a debit card.

    Always, always, always take the receipt at a restaurant when you pay for dinner with a credit card. Some people go to the extent of also writing down the server’s name on the credit card receipt, and then compare it against the amount shown on their credit card statement. This is a small step but could save you big time, as well as enabling authorities to catch a thief with the name of the server who last had possession of your credit card and was out of your sight for a period of time.

    You know that junk mail you get almost every day? Much of it has your name and address, but sometimes it also contains very private information such as your date of birth and even your social security number. Don’t just throw that in the trash can – invest in an inexpensive shredder at an office supply store like Best Buy or Office Depot, and shred that junk mail. Many occurrences of identity theft have come as a result of thieves going through someone’s trash and discovering such information in the trash, with more than enough data readily visible to create a “temporary new you”.

    Do not become too relaxed about identity theft in this electronic age. Take some simple and logical steps to protect your information to avoid becoming the next victim.

    I hope the above does give you some hope...

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    This is a tough one. You really need to talk to a lawyer to get specifics. If what you said is true, then you really have nothing to worry about. Technically, you ex is guilty of bribery, or extortion so you still have some ground to stand on. Mistakes happen. Maybe you can get a recording of him telling you if you go and file for child support he will press charges on you. I really don't see how he has any ground stand on considering that the rest of the application had you current husbands information. You had no INTENT of using your ex's SSN. It was a mistake. You can also call the credit card company and let them know about the mistake, so they can amend the false information. The fact of the matter is that you never really stole his identity. You made a mistake, and the credit was denied anyway. I hope this helps. Call a lawyer and get specifics, that will help protect you in the future, so you can get your child support. Your ex is probably bluffing and really has nothing legally to stand on. Mistakes happen, besides he is technically breaking the law too, by holding that against you, and threatening that against you if you file for child support. Which is extortion and might fall under some bribery laws too.

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    I would say keep a close eye on your credit report and make sure there are no suspicious inquires. I think you can also call the credit bruear and request special authorizations to take place before you are approved for anything. Which would be a hassel for you later on, but would help deter any faulty account openers.

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    fast identity theft

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    File a report with the police first and then see a lawyer.Don't wait because the problem just gets bigger.It took me 4 yrs to fix my problem because I didn't know about right away .Good luck.

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