What type of degree and/or certification do i need to open a daycare business? in the state of Missouri?

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    To apply for a family child care home license you will need to submit the following:

    A completed application for license.

    A sketch or diagram of the home.

    A sketch or diagram of the outdoor play area.

    Written policies pertaining to the program goals, admission, care and discharge of children, and discipline.

    A schedule of daily activities for children.

    A sample weekly menu.

    A list of materials and equipment to be used by children.

    The names and addresses of two references.

    Sample forms.

    Evidence of a fire and safety inspection.

    Evidence of compliance, if applicable, with requirements for any nonpublic water supply or sewage disposal system.

    If the family child care home is incorporated, Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation and the Annual Registration Report.

    Required information for assistants.

    Background screening results for child abuse/neglect and criminal record for the child care provider, other household members and other child care personnel.

    Medical examination reports for the provider and child care assistants.

    Good luck with your program!

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