I need a list of the top international schools in Riyadh?

My family is shifting there. im 14 years old and i need a list of the top schools of riyadh so that i get an idea of the best education....thanks ill be so grateful!

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    1-manarat (i went there but only for a semester because it wasn't accredited when i went there but its better than rowadh)

    2-alrowadh(i graduated from here but it was the wort year of my life and the building is really apartments turned into a school but the reason why i transferred here was because this school is accredited and has sat and the British curriculum but i cant remember its name)

    3-the American school (its a mixed school if your ok with that there are alot of other international schools that are mixed but they don't have a really good rep the 2 i listed are not mixed)

    i would suggest you go to manarat and transfer to rowadh for your senior year manarat really focuses on the student rowadh focuses on work and home work

    @pink lady:i also along with my 5 of 10 sisters FAILED in hell hole rowdah!!!!i went from a 97%average to 62 surly something is wrong but i dnt blame the teachers how would a school better itself if an SYRIAN is running an international school where failing Is the norm !!

    well for the time being your still going to work every day @ an appt u should come 2 my school they r paying me 8700 think what u would get with degrees i know u h8 sana 2 so dont try 2 front on y!a

    Source(s): went to both schools EDIT>>>still planing revenge plot(s) on miss SANA BARAKAT
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    Schools In Riyadh

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    Actually, it depends on where you are coming from and if you are a male or a female.

    Manarat International School is made up of Indian / Pakistani teachers. It offers both IGCSE and SAT. It is a beautiful building, however has some structure damage due to the terrorist attack across the street a few years back that cracked some ceilings and walls. Manarat has inherited a 'mean and backwards' principal in the Girls' Section that is pushing all of the western teachers (native English speakers) out of the school. The Boys' Section is good. No school trips for girls. Manarat has a very intensive, difficult placement / entry test, which correct me if I am wrong, Yas Nas failed???

    Rowad is more like a 'family environment' type school. The Girls' Section is great. The owner is in the process of building a new school, which will be one of the most attractive schools in Riyadh. The western teachers who left and are in the process of leaving Manarat will be in Rowad next year. Most of Rowad's KG n Primary Section teachers are American / British / Canadian. The school focuses on IGCSE n SAT and Fun with Learning. 2 fun outtings per semester.

    The American School is more expensive. It mixes boys and girls. That is all I really know about it.

    All in all, your reputation and academic enhancement in any school depends on you as an individual, your goals.

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    The idea of the "Top International Schools" also being the ones with "reasonable fees" demonstrates that you haven't thought this through. You will only get what you pay for. Best suggestion is to Google all the International Schools and look at what they offer and what they charge ... Then you need to ask around other parents and see what their experience is. A personal recommendation if worth far more than a good website.

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    wow Pink Lady you do yur h.w.!!! I think I wanna apply to teach at Rowad. How does a man go apply? Should I go back out and let them bring me in as a foreign hire? I have been hearing a lot of good things lately about this school. Is the pay about the same as the other schools? I want a really Islamic environment to be able to teach in. I hear that this school takes top honors for that amongst the int'l and the islamic schools. And Yas-nas you contradicted yourself. Are you just unhappy? Which college did you choose after you graduated from your school? Did they acknowledge your school?

    Mano_make sure you have all of your transcripts before shifting to any school. And you want an int'l school. Are you Muslim? That makes a big difference in the type of schools you should look into.

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    hey, i'm a guy who's been living here, 16 year's old.. and mixed with the international community.. i know a lot about every school, and depends what you're looking for, for me to actually give you advice were to pick to study.. there are a lot of choices so you dont have any worries.. i can assure you that you will have a good time.. to get to know about all these just email me or add me on msn, ag_dj@hotmail.com i would like to help you out.. so if you feel it would be okay, then contact me.. hope i helped..

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    go through the list with complete details & address


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    weLcome 2 Riaydh :)

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