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Steam Download for macs?

Hey i just played some CS source at a friends house, and i loved it.

except i run a mac and steam will not support it. SO PLEASE HELP ME

if you have any program that can run steam on a mac and CS source and regular CS please let me know


I click the link for the free download and it says no available application can run this program

btw i do not have vista installed

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    ya you can download steam for macs. i play it on my comp is it just saying you cant or what?

    and it might be your video card.

    there are may things.. copy what its saying the problem is. on google and other ppl that ave had the problems will post how they resolved it

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    Go to your nearest apple mac store

    seriously man they have endless mac accessories!


  • 1 decade ago

    sorry i do not have a clue in hell as to what you are talking about. my bad!

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