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Is the DTV transition still on Feb. 17th?

I thought congress approved to move it until June. I'm ready for the switch.

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  • R T
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    1 decade ago
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    At this moment, it's still Feb 17.

    The house passed the bill to change it, the Senate voted it down. However, the Senate may vote on it again today (Feb 4), so hold on to your hats.

    Even if the date is changed, a number of stations are still planning on shutting down their analog transmitters before June. Stations are feeling the economic problems too and are looking at perhaps laying off people, plus it's not "green" to keep burning energy. Depending on where the station is, it can cost as much as $12,000 a month in electric costs to keep the analog transmitter on the air.

    EDIT: Update 4 Feb, 2009 - The Senate passed the bill on the second vote. Considering Obama requested the delay, he will most probably sign it. So the hard deadline will be June 12. However the bill does allow for early shutdowns.

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  • xaxorm
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    It will probably be delayed, but it's not going to delay your switch. I've been watching digital TV for almost a year now.

    Update: Transition to all digital delayed 'til June!

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    yes it is but there are people trying to get it change to later

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