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What kind of frog do i have?:S?

My frog is kinda "see-through-pink" and about 3-4 cm long.. does anyone know what kind of frog it can be? My uncle gave it to me together with a brown frog who was a little smaller.. the brown one is dead now, but the pink one i've had for about 7 years i think and it eats normal fish food:P anyone know anything?

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    Is it fully aquatic? It could be an albino African clawed frog...that's just a guess, though, based on their popularity. They're sold as "Grow a Frog"s sometimes, and lots of chain pet stores stock them. They also come in a natural coloration, which is why you had a brown one and an albino.

    Here's a site with info and pictures:


    You'll be able to ID your frog based on the pictures and get some care tips, too.

    You might want to vary its diet a bit - I have a pair of ACFs and they eat a combination of "aquatic frog pellets" and frozen brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms...sometimes the gel-packed ones, too. The fish food is clearly working if you've kept the frog healthy for so long, but he might appreciate some variety!

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    Sounds like he's an albino.I have had several-they are much more aggressive than the brown or green ones.But cute as ever!!

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