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How would you invade Australia military wise?

How would you invade Australia military wise?

From a Indonesian angle?

From a Chinese angle?

Or from a combined Asian angle?

The reasons for invading OZ.

1. Australia's has huge supply of great resources. eg 40% of the worlds Uranium 300 year supply of coal and gas and a crap load of Iron ore which is use for metal production, plus heaps other important resources.

2. Very Small population 20 million for an area the size of the USA.

3. Room for space for Asians, this would be a great country to colonize because its big, flat and has jack all people.

4. This maybe a bit more sinister but some Asian country's are very anti-West and some hate the fact that Australia is a Western nation that is wealthy and has a small pop in an area the the size of China.

5. Payback for Western Imperialism because the West tryed so hard to rape the resources out of Asian, Some Asian country's might want to seek revenge.

Australia came close in WW2 we were bombed 40 something times but luckily no Invasion.

Is it possible to even invade OZ successfully?


Because Australia atm is the most likely risk of been invaded miltary in the Western world besides Israel.

Look at the world map and you see OZ on the map with its small pop and huge land mass you must admit wouldnt it be tempting for an Asian power to invade it.

It would be a great achievment to succssfully invade OZ becasue of its huge land mass and great potential.

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    first of, i'm from malta by the way, so we can't really invade you. I'm workin in hainan island, china at a publishing house

    i asked one of my GFs (she's australian) for you and here's what she had to say:

    Australia doesn't really have any beef with asian countries except for indonesia. most likely, war would be with them. indonesia has many helicopters made by germany, and would stage an air offensive. australia would maybe have a bit of trouble but probably could shoot them out of the sky. but if indonesia landed several million soldiers into australia, then there could be a problem. but she bet if australia called out for help? the 7th US Naval fleet in Japan and China from the south china sea would send soldiers to help,

    tensions with indonesia were due to a place called East Timor. the australian govt (and the US) helped Timorese separatist groups to become independent, then East Timor financed themselves by selling oil to the US, Australia and China.

    (Australia appealed to China asking them to send peacekeepers to stabilize region and they did) so you kind of see australia even during john howard was buddy buddy with china. not to mention now with Kevin Rudd and his daughter and her chinese husband.

    1.) i am aware of australia's iron ore and gas, but never heard about your uranium deposits. the PRC actually buys shltloads of uranium from kazahstan and mongolia, probably b/c closer, and buys steel and ore from you guys.

    2.) apart from china and japan, i don't think any asian country can successfully invade OZ

    4 & 5.) as for western imperialism? i think maybe you got some historical misunderstanding. british explorers went and discovered australia, used ethnic cleasning to kill off the natives, (remember tasmania?) then used australia as a colony to deport convicts and merchants to live there far away from britain. australia itself has never done anything to asian countries. so i doubt the combined invasion scenario

    but hypothetically, if (BIG IF) if china were ever to take australia, they would probably throw a few thousand neutron bombs to kill off resistance and population first. neutron bombs are kind of hard to explain. when they explode, they don't damage buildings or inanimate objects. they just release a ton of neutrons and living beings can't take it so they die or get vaporized. france is currently trying to develop their first neutron bomb. anyway, then china would land their PLa to occupy. but the china invasion isn't likely. they got bigger fish to fry (to the north) and people here seem to like auzzies

    3.) lastly, i've traveled through china in about 8 months. and even though they are the most populous country on earth, china is surprisingly empty, like Beijing? yeah, crapload of people and stuff, but if you run the great wall, go to hainan island, shanghai, da lian, there's lots of open space, water, oil, etc. so if they developed inland, they still got a ton of land. also, china used to be an oil exporter, they just stopped b.c they didn't want to use their own oil (like the US doctrine)

    also, the center of australia is desert. people can't really live there. when i visited melbourne it was already hot, right now, my GF says it's like 43 degrees so and i can't imagine the desert. I've been there and saw that big red magnetic rock, other parts had kangaroos, and they actually had to lick themselves b/c it's so hot.

    hope this helps

    • Jonathan4 years agoReport

      Plus we also have strong alliances outside of America. Lets not forget we are a part of the Commonwealth and if anything happened then the UK would bust in and protect us. Also we have strong relationships with most countries around the world. And New Zealand is right next to us.

  • Mary
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    Knowing that Australia is one of those British Empire nations that does not trust it subjects, I would not worry about the citizens having guns and fighting tooth and nail. So all an invader would have to worry about is the armed forces, such as they are. First an invader would have to take out the Australian Navy, a whole 60 ships with no aircraft carriers. The only ships that I would worry about are the six diesel-electric subs. Everything else is a surface ship and would be relatively easy to take out with Harpoons or Exocets. Second, the Air Force. They have 20 or so Vietnam era F111s that could be used for long range recon and as a medium bomber. They are due to retire in 2010 so if I was worried about them I would wait two years. They have about 110 F18 fighters. Those are not air superiority fighters like the F15 or F14 so if I got a plane specifically designed for air superiority, I would not worry about them either. Third, having taken out the Navy and the Air Force, I would have air superiority. All that would be left to deal with is the Army. 45,000 total, including Reservists. Hardly a force to worry about. When you consider how big Australia is and how poor the roads are, it would be unlikely they could mass forces if one area was invaded. If several invasion points were used, they could maybe meet an invasion with 10,000 at most. Lacking air cover, they could easily be taken out with a neutron bomb or chemical attack. The ONLY thing Australia has going for them is distance from their enemies, large size of their nation and the ability to burn their northern cities and to flee to the other side of the desert. That was their plan in WW II until MacArthur told them it was a bad plan. Now that you have an idea of how easy it would be, why do it? Just exactly does Australia have that would make someone spend the time and effort to invade? They have no major oil fields, they are not a "bread basket" of food and in fact they are having drought problems, they are not an industrial power house, etc. It would cost more to invade than what benefit you could get doing it. In fact, it is not worth the trouble as you would probably have the entire British Empire coming after you if you tried it. While the Armed forces of Australia are not much, you add in all that of the Commonwealth and you might have a problem. Specially since Britain is a nuclear power.

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    If any country decide they wanted to take Australia,Australia would call out for help and therefore creating an issue for the invading country. The quickest way of landing troops in Australia and if there is a decleration of war from one country, they will have to avoid the northern coast as it will be heavily defended by most of Australias military might. Also, the Australian special forces are some of the strongest in the world so that may be an issue for the invading country. Australia will also probably recall all of its military all over the world so it may be a challenge for invading country to sucssesfuly take and hold Australia. If any asian country wants to invade the will have to adapt to new climates as they move to the south as the humidity will decrease and it will get dryer and colder the further south the invading army pushes.

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    Invading Australia would be not great achievement. Most modern militaries could achieve it -- Australia is a well equipped military, but an extremely small one. An invasion from any angle would likely be successful. But, if you were to do it, why come from the north where by 2011 6 of the 7 regular Infantry Bn's, all armoured and all cav units are based in the central north/north east.

    What be more challenging however.. would be occupying Australia. The smallest mainland state is twice the size of England -- the largest, is 6 times the size of Texas. Good luck controlling that.

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    From the center outward. Focus on the cities, then go for the sealines were the navy and vast majority of forces would be. Being it's such a large country with vast open spots that might prove to be tricky.. and time consuming.

    May I ask why all the questions on Australia being invaded?

    EDIT: Don't Tread on Me: Much like AWOL stated. 'Invade' quietly but forcefully from within their realms, once communication is down or can be faked, then in the middle of no where start flying in troops and set up camp. But of course it would be noted their air forces need to be taken out before hand or during the movement of troops and supplies is going on. THEN once they are preoccupied by the inner fighting, take them from the sea and push inward. Finishing them off as you've got them sandwiched... but of course that's a really big sandwich...

    QLD RULES: well reasoned. I shall look at Aussieland in a different light now.

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      because you british convicts are invaders and we will see you will get nuked

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    Your entire country has a coastline so its pretty much indefensible. First you render their airpower useless by destroying the Airforce and communications network in tandem. Then the land invasion can begin, seize the capitol and the aussie major cities then envelope the outlying regions by starving them of resources, sea power will be crucial here since a blockade would be used to stop or destroy all foreign aid from reaching the country. You control supplies you control the people. Now maintiainig control is another matter, the soldiers not captured would surley form an underground guerilla style campaign. The key will be population control, sadly this will lead to some grotesque tactics on the part of the invaders such as labor camps, torture camps and even death camps. Ultimately, whomever decides to make the sad and isiotic choice to invade Australia will have to meet the iron fist of America and it's ability to use a massive or strategic nuclear strike to subdue any ideas of (say China) of grandure and imperialism. Now if you are talking Russia, i don't see them making this choice since again, they are assured or total destruction at the hands of NATO.

    • Jonathan4 years agoReport

      Plus we got more friends than just America. Lets not forget the fact that we are in the Commonwealth not to mention we have good relations throughout the world. I doubt the UK is gonna just sit by and watch.

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    invade australia military wise

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    Australia (I am indeed Australian) has a lot of cities on the coast where most of the population lies and in the middle there is... Dust? Yep. Also most of the military schools (school of Armor, cavalry, infantry etc) are also not far inland from the coast. So to take all that coast over you would need a combined military effort involving multiple countries.

    In short, take the coast first and from there it's easy.

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    You would never need to militarily engage the Australian Defense Force on Australian territory.

    During WW2 Australia was not just bombed a couple hundred times we were actually sitting with our balls out waiting to be invaded. Britain had taken all our military assets, our Navy was in the Mediterranean, our Air Force in England and North Africa and our Army in North Africa or POWs in Singapore. Who was in Australia? No one but the civilians, who were left for dead. John Curtain had to fight tooth and nail to receive back some of our military, our troops coming home from North Africa had just enough fuel and no escorts and had to travel through Japanese waters to get home.

    In WW2 Australia also did not have a foreign diplomatic mission, our government relied on second hand British reports.

    Australia's government would surely be open to discussions on power sharing, already they have agreements with mining companies in WA that actually monopolise whole regions of the country. If a foreign government approached with such a proposition the Australian Government would bow to producing more crops to feed a growing Asia, hell Australians would have a lot of win in such a situation.

    It would be cheaper for China to do what it is doing at the moment, becoming Australia's biggest export market for Energy, Food and Raw Materials.

    If a nation has a steady income of clean cheap resources you can be like the Netherlands and back people tens to about a hundred times denser than China does currently.

    Australia is also very susceptible to gunboat diplomacy, put a few warships in Sydney Harbour (NSW), Newcastle (NSW), Cockburn Sound (WA), Western Port (VIC), Morton Bay (Qld) and Port Phillip Bay (VIC) and you can actually block 80% of exports, prevent any Australian flying out of the country, and bring an Australian Government to the negotiating table. All that for just 6 well positioned ships.

    The Australian Navy has barely enough people and equipment to have 6 ships sailing. And I bet the SAS would not go on suicide missions to reach a warship (get past the anti-air, anti-surface missiles and then the armed sentries)

    • Jonathan4 years agoReport

      1. You describe Britain as basically stealing all our military but its our own decision to go. even with our agreement and us being a sovereign state.
      2. Newcastle is actually inland meaning Warships cant do anything there plus that would be an excellent point of defence.

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    The Far East may move quickly. The US may not be available to assist Australia? Christian prophecy suggests that ANZUS could fail? If you want a good prophecy seek out WHAT WILL BECOME OF AUSTRALIA by Jack Burrell 1974.

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