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Would Bruce Lee scare R. Lee Ermey?

The scary Drill Instructor in full medal Jacket.


If Bruce Lee was alive and in his prime.

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    no way

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    Bruce Lee would (if still living) most likely kick R. Lee Ermey's fanny but scared you must be kidding Ermey of Full Medal Jacket fame is a retired USMC. You do not scare a Marine.

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    Not even at his most bad@ss moment could Bruce Lee scare R. Lee Ermey. I strongly doubt that any combat trooper would be afraid of a tournament martial artist especially good ol' Gunny Ermey. Seriously he fought in Vietnam why would he be afraid of one man without a weapon.

    He would likely just pull his glock and end the life of Bruce.

    Source(s): He is a legend among the troops
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    Bruce Lee would probably instruct R. Lee Ermey

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    R. Lee Ermey is scared of nothing.

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    I once lived with a Navy MP, they call them MA, and this guy always ripped on Marines until one day his ex-wife came over to talk and brought a Marine along. All of a sudden he wasnt such a tough guy any more, nice an polite in front of the Marine.

    When they left, I asked "So I thought you hated Marines, why didnt you just kick his ***?"

    He replied "You dont understand man, Marines arent scared of ANYTHING! Even if I maced him, he would still have killed both of us!"

    Does that answer your question? And yes, this is a true story.

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    might he be scared? according to danger. If he became into, might he coach it? Hell no. might he get his *** whooped? of direction. If he had his M1 Garand might he take Lee's head off at one hundred yds.? You wager.

  • As they say in Basketball - "Jump ball"

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    Once he started kicking his a**, hell yeah!

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