What's RIL ?

RIL ( Radio Interface Layer) ? 是捨麼意思?


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    *The Radio Interface Layer (RIL) is a key component of Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS. The technology provided by the RIL is critical for enabling wireless voice or data applications to seamlessly communicate with a GSM/GPRS or CDMA2000 1X modem on a Windows Mobile device. The RIL provides the system interface between the CellCore layer within the Windows Mobile OS and the radio protocol stack used by the wireless modem hardware. The RIL, therefore, also allows OEMs to integrate a variety of modems into their equipment by providing this interface.

    The RIL comprises two separate components: a RIL driver, which processes AT commands and events; and a RIL proxy, which manages requests from the multiple clients to the single RIL driver. Except for PPP connections, all interaction between the Windows Mobile OS and the device radio stack is via the RIL. (PPP connections initially use the RIL to establish the connection, but then bypass the RIL to connect directly to the virtual serial port assigned to the modem.) In essence, the RIL accepts and converts all direct service requests from the upper layers (i.e., TAPI) into commands supported and understood by the modem.

    Note that the RIL does not communicate directly with the modem, however. Instead, the final link to the modem is typically the standard serial driver provided by the OEM’s platform.

    *RIL(Radio Interface Layer)设计思想解析

    目前的智能机在硬件上多采用双cpu的架构,一个是基带处理器,主要处理数字信号、语音信号的编码解码以及GSM通信协议,另一个是应用处理器,运行操作系统和各种应用程序。基带处理器、射频和其它外围芯片作为一个模块,成为GSM/GPRS modem,提供AT命令接口。网络的应用已经是一个需求的热点,而目前的GSM模块大多都能支持GPRS功能。应用处理器通过AT命令集与带GPRS功能的无线通讯模块通信,为实现网络的应用提供了一个最底层的支持。

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