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Is there an explanation for Michael Meyers' ability to withstand fatal blows?

I've never seen any Halloween movies, but I've heard that he's been stabbed, impaled, shot, crushed by heavy objects, etc. ALL IN ONE MOVIE.

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    There really is no explaination. Other than the fact that like many horror baddies, he started out realistic and got out of hand. In the first one he did not get shot until the very end and he fell out of a window after being shot twice. He disappeared after that to leave it as a cliffhanger. After that it just got more to the point where they made him invincible. The same thing happened to Jason Voorhees. He started out realistic and then got out of hand.

    In Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween, Michael only gets shot about four times, but he dosen't live, judging by the ending anyway. But a Halloween 2 is coming out by Rob, but I doubt it's Michael that will be behind the mask. If your gonna check out the Halloween movies, check out Rob Zombie's version: It has a great origin story and is more real world.

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    That's why I like the Rob Zombie version better because he made Michael a real person; a troubled kid who grew to become a psychopathic serial killer,rather than an invincible monster. It makes it more realistic and even scarier, if you really think about it.

    If you ever decide to watch a Halloween movie, check out either the John Carpenter original or the Zombie remake. Avoid the sequels :p

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    In the movie "The Curse of Michael Myers", they explain that:

    Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

    It is revealed that Myers was saved by a secret cult of Druids that existed to worship and protect him. This same cult also kidnapped Jamie, who was now 15 and pregnant with a son. Although Jamie escaped from the cult, Michael stalked and eventually killed her. However, he was unable to find where she hid the baby. Loomis, meanwhile, finally learned the secret of Michael's homicidal rage and apparent immortality: It was the curse of the symbol "Thorn," which makes the victim believe that if he kills all of his family members, he will bring balance to the conditions that afflict humanity. The symbol is also shown to be a pattern that appears in the stars from time to time. Its appearance was when Michael committed his murders, on Halloween. In this way, Michael's complete back story is told as well as his motivation. It is revealed that Dr. Wynn is actually the man in black and is the leader of the cults in which are responsible for possessing Michael with the Curse.

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    nicely, Michael Meyers does conjure up a crazed serial killer (if merely interior the videos) even although, how generally will you assert the full call out loud, till you're yelling at him!! In a familiar day, he will merely pass via Kevin Meyers, which sounds stunning.

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    In the movie the doctor who was looking after him says he is the incarnation of pure evil literally and that's why he can with stand the supposed fatal blows.

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    and electrocuted. I carry a sidearm, so If I was in the movie, he'd be dead, guaranteed. I would empty my 16 round mag in his head...he wouldn't be getting up

    That's why they didn't cast me. It would have been a 3 minute movie. If I switch mags, maybe 4 minutes

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    yea because since it is a horror movie, you are more scared of something you cannot kill. It keeps the story going.

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    Its the chest hair!! Its like the flak jacket for the year 3000

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    Yes,it's a movie.

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    Yes, it's called fiction.

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