I just read the bible and I don't know what to think...Does anyone believe this stuff? I'm confused.?

So this group of guys I met were like "Hey dude come to our bible study!" and I was like "ok" I mean, I've met christians before but I never really new the whole story but now I get why they made that movie Evan Almighty...It's like the story of that dude Noah and the Arc. Anyway, I realize that a bunch of the sci fi movies I've been watching have all this christian folklore in it. The thing that confuses me is that I thought Christians were pretty well grounded. Unlike the mormons who believe they have bullet proof underwear and junk like that. It turns out christians believe that some godlike person put his son in a human woman in order to save all the humans from some "original sin" curse that began when a woman made from the rib of her lover was tricked by a talking snake into eating some fruit from a magical tree. So then this virgin woman has this kid and he's a Jewish magician that goes around walking on water and making wine from water. He then tells everyone that they have to eat his flesh and symbolically accept him as their master so then all the other Jews kill him on a cross and then he comes back to life like some Zombie and says "I'll be back" like Arnold Schwartzengger in the freakin terminator. He then tells them that they should only live to make deciples...It's wierd cuz the only religion I see really following these orders are the Freakin Jehova Witnesses waking me up in the morning to ask me if I know the name of God...I'm confused. Do people just wanna fit in? Is this why they all become part of the same religion no matter how ridiculous it sounds? HELP!! They want me to go to bible study again and I just feel like I might end up like one of those Jesus Jones followers...drinking cyanide in a koolaid cup to prove I believe....Other than all this religious stuff those people are cool to hang out with but if I even hint at the fact that I question their beliefs...I'm afraid they wont wanna hang out with me anymore...Please what should I do?


Queen Kira....you say "nothing hard to believe there." Well I guess nothing is hard to believe if you believe there is a magical god that created stuff in seven days....but that's what I'n having trouble believing....I wasn't there when he supposedly created everything so I can't just take some books word for it....Just because a group of people wrote a book..doesn't make the contents of the book true....besides ..you never even answered my question....should I tell them how I feel about this christianity stuff.....I think these guys are cool but they told me that there's no reason to hang with people who aren't christian because they only lead christians astray....I dont feel like I'm lost in life...I'm pretty damn happy..I'm just confused about the christians..why do they have to be so exclusive and diss all the other religions...they say anyone who doesn't believe in christ will go to hell!!! That's so mean! They act all high and mighty like all the rest of the world are heathens.

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    I'm a Christian myself, and I doubt very seriously that they would not want to be your friend anymore. They invited you because you are their friend and wanted to share what is important to them. But I doubt that they would be surprised that you didn't get into it. I'll be honest, it wasn't the beliefs in Christianity that first drew me to it; it was something different I saw in some of those who followed this way. The Bible and what it teaches can seem very foreign to others and I bet your friends understand this. Just continue to be their friend and don't worry about things. :-)

    I just read your edit, and I have to ask you, why do you want to stay friends with these "cool" people who act all high and mighty, think you will lead them astray, & believe in a God who will send you to hell? Not adding up to me.

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    You really have a way with making the whole story like complete craziness, but it's really not. God does exist, he created this world. I see God every single day when I look outside. The world, and humans, are so complex. It's obvious it took someone to come up with all these ideas. They aren't just accidents. Jesus most definitely wasn't a "magician"....He's not human. He's God's son, part of God. So of course He was going to be able to do many more things that no human man could ever do. And the reason He was born of a virgin? Once again, He wasn't human. He wasn't something that could be created by two humans. So why did Jesus have to be born on earth? What was the point of that? He came here because God had to create some sacrifice so that all of us humans could be forgiven. Sacrificing a human wouldn't do it, it had to be a part of Him. Jesus came for US. He was tortured because of US. We can have eternal life in heaven with God because of Him only. It really is an amazing concept. Don't write it off yet, maybe try talking to your friends about it. If it were my Bible study, I'd be ecstatic for you to ask me about it. I'm sure hearing some personal testimonies from your peers might help you see things in a different light.

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    I personally think religion is a something each person needs to decide what fits them. It is good to learn about it so you can make a informed decision. If these guys are cool and you want to hang with them, but are afraid to risk their friendship if you say you are unsure if you believe in their beliefs then I would think again if these guys are actually your friends. True friends don't care about what your religion is, and they respect your choice to choose.

    If it feels right and you find that the story's and lessons the bible tells seem true then go for it. If they seem like fairy tales and just good stories then try a different path. Anything you learn is only going to make you a more interesting person in the long run.

    Have an open mind - You will find you will just believe when it is the right thing for you.

    Good Luck.

    But for heaven sake be yourself, don't be bullied into anything. There are plenty of other people out there, these guys might not be for you.

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    The trinity doesn't hold scriptural water. It is a doctrine invented centuries after the last bible writer had died and the Bible was complete. The trinity doctrine is like a square peg trying to fit itself in a round hole. The proofs of Jesus Christ being subordinate to the Father in heaven as on earth (Rev 1:1) and Jesus being the Son of God not God the Son; Jesus prayed to his Father; Jesus taught us to pray to his Father. Jesus not teaching from his own originality but the Father's. The Bible teaching that Jesus was the firstborn of all things (Col 1:15) and that the Father gave him power, he loved the Father; the Father approved of him. That Jesus gave praise and attributed power to the Father. All these demonstrate who and only who is the identity of the true God. the Father. In fact the Bible only indentifies God the Father not God the Son or God the Holy Ghost. (1 Corinthians 8:6) God the Father (Galatians 1:1) God the Father (Ephesians 6:23) God the Father (Philippians 2:11) God the Father (Colossians 1:3) God the Father (Colossians 3:17) God the Father (1 Thessalonians 1:1) God the Father (2 Thessalonians 1:2) God the Father (1 Timothy 1:2) God [the] Father (2 Timothy 1:2) God [the] Father (Titus 1:4) [the] Father (1 Peter 1:2) God the Father (2 Peter 1:17) God the Father (2 John 3) God the Father (Jude 1) God [the] Father The trinity is a inspired doctrine of men developed centuries after Christ had died and put in the creeds devised by men. He himself taught nothing about himself being equal to the Father in the God inspired words of the holy scriptures.

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    A lot of people believe it because they are taken to church since they are very very young, and their whole family believes it. Sometimes they believe because fanatics scare them by saying they're going to hell. Sometimes they believe it because it's they honestly believe it. Others believe it because they think its either that or nothing. Either Christianity or Atheism, but there are lots of other ways. You shouldn't believe something cos other people do. The only question you need to ask is whether you believe it and whether its right for YOU - not anyone else. Don't be pressured into believing something you don't want to. However, if you do wanna be their friend and they will not except you if you start questioning their religion, (which makes you think are they worth being friends with) just say you believe in God but prefer to do your worship or study in private, for personal reasons. Usually people don't ask what "personal reasons" are. And if they do, just say you wanna keep it between you and your god.

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    The root of the New Testament is the Old one. A lot of what Jesus does is fulfillment of prophecy. What you have read sounds crazy because we live in a society based on science, where things don't exist and/or aren't real if they can't be measured, seen, heard, or touched.

    Its no wonder people are getting confused about what Love is as well. Read the message behind the miracles and it may become easier to have faith in it. Belief is not a matter of education, but revelation.

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    To address your misunderstandings:

    1) God isn't a "godlike person". He is GOD - the Creator of this universe and planet you are standing on, as well as your body. Nothing hard to believe there.

    2) You believe that a God who can create suns, moons, stars and planets cannot create 23 chromosomes to put into a woman's egg? Again, nothing hard to believe there.

    3) The God who created all these suns, moons, stars, planets and your body created woman out of the DNA of her husband. And since God knows a HECK of a lot more than modern Man's genetic technology - still nothing hard to believe there.

    4) The snake was Satan. Satan can talk.

    5) The tree was not "magical", any more than God creating the Universe was "magical". It's here, isn't it? Again, nothing hard to believe there.

    6) Jesus was not a "magician". He used the same power that God used to create the Universe. "Magic" is pagan, and is the power of Satan. Given the fact that the Universe exists, there's nothing hard to believe about God's power.

    7) Jesus said they must "symbolically" eat his flesh - He was not asking them to become cannibals. That means we must take Christ in completely. Nothing hard to believe there.

    8) Jesus was taken to Heaven bodily. His body is not here on Earth, in its grave. He is still alive. He promised to return at the End of Time. And when somebody who can raise the dead and heal the sick with a word or a touch promises that He's coming back, it's probably a good idea to believe Him.

    9) Jim Jones' cult was NOT Christian. He abandoned the clear teachings of the Bible and led people astray. They used the Bible as toilet paper, and he made himself into a little "god" and cut the people off from the rest of society, forbidding them to leave. He then forced them to commit suicide. Nowhere in the Bible does Christ command us to commit suicide. You can tell a satanic cult from God's true church by how much it follows Scripture. "If they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them."

    EDIT: Louie - your problem is you keep throwing around the word "magic" when magic has nothing to do with God's Power. If you try to wrap your head around God and try to understand Him intellectually, you will be lost. You will reduce God to a human level, at which point He would not be worthy of worship. The question isn't "Do you understand God?" but "Do you TRUST God?" The Christians you hang out with obviously do; they don't understand God either, but they love and trust Him, as He has revealed Himself to us in His Scriptures. That is all God asks of us. Christ tells us that "unless we come to Him with the faith of a child, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Children don't know exactly the details of what their parents do for a living, but they love them and trust them, and know that they are loved in return. That's the kind of faith you need.

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    I am a Christian & I know from something that happened to me when I was a little girl that God is real. But I had to laugh when I read this. I know of an Episcopalian priest who would agree with a lot of what you say. Keep listening to people & reading to find out the Christian belief that is right for you. That is why we have different denominations. Good luck.

    Oh...please be yourself & don't fake anything to please others. If you have questions, ask them, but keep it simple. It can most definitely be confusing. I sometimes keep it so simple as to say only "God Is".

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    well first think about how they're reading the bible, are they thinking about the time period in which it was written and then finding the main purpose of the passage and relating it to their lives now or do they simply taking the bible word for word. if their doing the second one you might want to ask them to question the way they're reading it and not their beliefs. next time in bible study simply suggest to take time to discus the meaning of the passage and not just what it is saying, take the time period and the people who wrote it into consideration (god did not write the bible, he simply gave people the inspiration). and if you still don't believe in what you read in the bible, don't simply believe that there is no God, conceder reading other holy books to get a better idea of what the main messages are,

    happy reading

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    You know... I am a believer and even for me some of the things the bible says are like what the *?#@. But it doesn't stop me from believing it just makes me want to understand more. One thing that i've enjoyed lately is reading the bible online then googling any word or phrase i don't understand or want to know more about. it makes it more interesting and can be fun. sort of like a treasure hunt. And don't be afraid to question your friends beliefs...thats how we learn by asking questions.

    Good luck

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