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Does My dog have a bladder infection?

My dog when she squats to pee she gets back up in the middle of her peeing and pees all over herself. Then on the way down the steps to go outside she peed all over the steps as she was walking so it was one long string of pee,its like she cant hold it.We take her out every 2 hours or less.Shes 5 months and is fully potty trained.Is this behavorial or is my puppy Sick?

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    She may have a UTI. She could also be a diabetic.You should definitely take her to the vet,and while you're there,make an appointment to have her spayed,as she is at the perfect age.

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    It is probaly or it can be from something that the dog got a hold to and you should just go to the animal doctor or something

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    5 months?? that's kinda young.. it COULD be behavioral but if its rilly red down there then it could be an infection.. u can take it to the vet just in case.

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