My ultimate baby name list! Just curious to see what others think! <3?

Please don't be rude just asking for input also please consider their meanings! I prefer the names to have 2 middle names so if there are names missing one any suggestions are helpful also if there is one middle name or whatever you absolutely hate please recomend another if possible! Thank you so very much! <3 Blessed be.



1. Aislin Dior Fleur= (i think its pronounced Ash-lyn i may be wrong?) : Dream or Vision/present(italian)/flower (french)

2. Alice Nouvel Levana:

Of noble kin/new (french)/moon or white

3. Arabella Ambrosia Fauve - [Nickname Bella] :

Beautiful lion/Immortal/wildly uninhibited

4. Aurora Ambrosia Rose [nickname Rory] :

Goddess of Dawn/Immortal/Rose

5. Esme Levana Rose:

Loved/ moon or white/ rose

6. Isabella Ambrosia Rose [nickname Bella] :

God is my oath or Beautiful/Immortal/Rose

7. Irina Ambrosia Fleur:


8. Mila Levana Fauve :

Peoples favor/ moon or white/ wildly uninhibited

9. Reneesme(Ruh-nez-may) :

fictional namecombination of renee (reborn) and esme (loved)

10. Scarlett Mave Aislin:

Scarlet(red)/ Intoxicating/ Vision or dream

11. Sophia Dior Ambrosia:


12. Zoey Verona Aislin:

Life/truth/vision or dream

Other possible middle names:

Verona- truth

Amaya- Night Rain

Nyx- Night

Mave- intoxicating

Rachelle- Ewe - variation of my little sisters name i would like to incorporate it but cant seem to make it fit anywhere and sound right



1.Adrian James Ambrose:

person from hadria, northern italy/ supplanter/immortal

2. Charles Ambrose Calder [Nickname:Charlie] :

Free Man/ Immortal/From Wild Water

3. Cullen Ambrose Calder:

Back of river/ Immortal/From wild water

4. Dean Ambrose Calder:

Of the valley/immortal/from wild water

5. Dominic Ambrose Nox:

belonging to god/immortal/night

6. Donovan Ambrose Calder:

brown or black/immortal/ from wild water

7. Edward Ambrose Calder:

Wealthy guardian/immortal/from wild water

8. Finley James Ambrose:

Fair warrior/supplanter/ immortal

9. Griffin Ambrose Calder:

fictional being combination of eagle and lion/ immortal/from wild water

10. Husdon James Ambrose:

son of hudd/supplanter/immortal

11. Talan James Calder:

bird claw/supplanter/From wild water

12. Trenton James Calder:

Of the town by the river trent/ from wild water

Other possible middle names:

Cullen-Back of River

Calder- From Wild Water

Nox- Night


haha yes i do like twilight but thats not the only reason those names are there please try to look past that aspect. but i do admit thats where i found the name cullen which i love.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm assuming you like Twilight.

    Good names though, they are really pretty and interesting. Some of them are better then others, but all are pretty good.

    I love Aurora and Scarlett!

    Also, I prefer names with 2 middle names as well. I have 2 middle names and so does a lot of my family, and I just think they sound more unique and pretty! =)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sophia Dior

    Arabella Ambrosia

    Talan James

    Dominic Ambrose

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They're not really my style. I like certain parts of them - Alice, Aurora, Griffin, Finley James, etc.

    I have to warn you about FAUVE though, because I'm not really sure it means what you think it does.

    Fauves was a derogatory term used by art critics in response to the works of Matisse and, uh, Derain and Rouault (hence why that art movement is called Fauvism). It means WILD BEASTS. It doesn't mean wild and unrestrained so much as ... something really barbaric and primitive. It was a grave insult. It was to call their work primitive and really quite crash.

    Renesme's just a no in my book.

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  • shamas
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    ladies: i myself dislike: ? Fleur... Sounds too mushy and slangy and lazy. How approximately yet another flower call, like Linnea, Rose (straightforward i understand), Dahlia, Fern and so on. ? Nouvel - it sounds grotesque and does not sound like a popularity. ? Ambrosia merely jogs my memory of custard and farmers!(ooh arrrr, its ambrosiaarrrr) ? Fauve ? Verona - Romeo and Juliet. ? Adeld I Dislike: ? Arabella ? Aurora ? Esme ? Reneesme ? Mave ? Aislin (i hate the spelling, yet Ashlyn is an ok call) ? Irina ? Nyx - seems boyish... i admire: ? Scarlett ? Sophia i admire: ? Rose ? Alice additionally Zoey is an ok call, yet no longer too prepared. greater desirable than the others tho. BOYS: i myself Dislike: ? Ambrose (back, Ambrosia custard) ? Calder - it merely sounds too made up, and greater of a surname than a time-honored call. it is not too tremendously. ? Nox ? Talan I Dislike: ? Trenton - sounds too surnamey and not solid as a time-honored call. Or center. ? Hudson - see above. ? Griffin - see above! ? Finley ? Donovan ? Cullen - greater of a surname back and jogs my memory of a cullender... ok names: Adrian Charles Dean Dominic Edward James Kieran - those are tremendously usual, something are to 'available'. James is my fave. i assume you're a Twilight fan then.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i answered this already somewhere but ill find my answer and answer it again:::::


    i love allllll of these names!!!! they are so pretty!!!

    i think any one that you pick will be beautiful! i even stole some of your names for my list because i fell in love with them!!

    my top 2 girls names would have to be

    Aurora Ambrosia Rose

    Aislin Dior Fleur

    and i love maeve/mave, verona, scarlett as well

    my top 2 boys names would be

    Dominic Ambrose Nox

    Trenton James Calder

    and i love talan, hudson, edward, donovan as well

    but i literally love them all it was hard to choose just two for each!

    like i said before ANY one that you choose will be wonderful!! i dont care what other people say you kid will be the best named kid out there!!

    ps you should get an account on if you dont have one already... it makes it easy to keep track of all the names you like! good luck with this process and congrats!

    you think you might have time to vote on my names as well? you will see the names i stole from you haha but some i already had!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Love the not like the Ambrosia of Fauve..

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    just saying, i like the names even though they arent my style.

    i just wanted to say that you are a big fan of Twilight arent you.

    considering you wanted to name one of your gilrs Reneesme.

    and you wanted to name a boy Edward.

    thats not a bad thing at all just sayin. im a big fan myself

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  • kbert.
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago


    Aurora (my favorite)

    Sophia (i prefer Sofia)


    Talan (so cute!)

    Trenton (my favorite)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i can't read half of these names

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