UGH, what should I do with this iroc?

I have an 86 camaro that I put a rebuild motor and transmission. The interior still needs to be rebuild, on the outside I put a whole new front end(bumper, fenders, hood and new lights) and I stripped all the decals and body molding and filled in the holes, I want the all around smooth look. The body still needs sh*t load of work. I put over 10k into this car so far and dont know whether I should keep restoring or just sell it (for next to nothing). I dont have a garage but I do have some time and money to fix it up slowly and the insurance is only $25 (USAA) a month. I have a new car that I use as a daily driver so I dont really rely on this one. Should I keep it and dump more money into it? or should I sell and scrape what I can get for it and forget about it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have two car stories for ya, man, that share a common thread.

    1 - my 1979 Sport Coupe. My first sports car I ever owned, which I have had since graduating college. Its a wreck, and sits under a tarp, tormenting me. I, too, put a new engine/trans into it a couple years ago, and was planning on finishing it this past year if it weren't for....

    2 - my 95 Z28. I bought it a couple years back - a dead lemon of a car, but with potential. I didn't have the time/money/patience to fix this car up, and I had a lot of other things on my plate. I was considering parting it out for a while, disgusted that I spend good coin on a bad car. I knew I could transform it, but I couldn't get past the frustration of being "had".

    Then a death in my immediate family reminded me of how many things I've left undone that I swore to myself I'd finish, no matter what. The '95 is now a street terror and a blast to drive, and the '79 is going to be torn down for its rebuild this summer. It cost me about 14k total for the '95, and it was worth all the busted knuckles and ben franklin's I poured into it, the moment had that car's top down and running it in the fall weather at Mach 1.5. The '79 is going to be a point made to my wife that its not a "pile of s**t". Its going to be testament to what I can do with the remains of a car full of memories.

    This brings me to my answer to you - what do you have invested? Is it just money and it means nothing to you? Well, you could probably take a little loss parting it all out. But if this car has a part of your soul in it (like my two had on me), you may want to think about the feeling you would have when its gone. And you may just want to hammer it straight, drive it for a while, and then sell it knowing you did what you needed to satisfy yourself. Sorry this was a bit long!

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