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Yes or no question about AP Statistics?

Im choosing classes tomorrow, is AP statistics easy? or do you think i can survive it with an A, if i a junior taking the class along with Trigonometry


im taking Trig and Statistics since i had a free period.

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    I'm taking AP Statistics and Pre Calculus (Trig) right now, and I'm a junior. I got a B+ and A for the first two quarters for AP Stat, and an A and B+ for PreCal. Plus you get a 1.0 or 0.5 added to your AP Stat grade in the end. I'm sure that if I can do it you can. Some of the units are fairly easy in AP Stat, and for other units, the concepts are hard to grasp at first, but you will get used to it after first semester.

    On the tests, if you know what you're doing, the free response section where you write out the work will be quite easy, but sometimes even if you know the material for a certain unit, some of the multiple choice questions are really tricky.

    There isn't much that you have to know from previous classes such as geometry or algebra. Just think to yourself, if you will regret it or not later if you do not choose to pick AP Stat.

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    Telling you from personal not expect an A in AP Stats. First part where you are just learning about graphs you can, but you have to learn all of these other things like bell curves, standard deviation, etc...

    I think it depends on your previous experience. Are you already in AP Math? In reality, Trig might be better because college entrance exams test more of the alg/trig/geometry than stats.

    Whatever you do, do not slack! However, AP tests are super hard and you probably will not pass no matter how good of a student you are!

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    I would go for it. Statistics can be interesting and (although I don't know the teacher or the setup of the class) as long as you pay attention and do the homework (maybe spending some time memorizing terms), you should be fine.

    Good luck!

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    I took Stats I and II in university and passed them (A+) both while taking a full load of classes. I just purchased a SPSS program on CD. That is one of the best Stat programs around. It will simplify the course.

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