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i was asked to create a list of questions for the following people, I need help on what to ask?

Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State)

Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security)

Eric Holder( Justice Department)

Timothy Geither ( Treasury Department)

Robert Gates (Department Of Defense)

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    Clinton - What she would do to bolster the United States foreign reputation?

    Napolitano - Ask her about the Borders of the US or what changes she can make to FEMA to make them more responsive in case of national emergencies.

    Holder - where he stands on things like the Patriot Act, how we should treat prisoners of Guantanamo, in our legal system.

    Geitner - where is money actual needed and what is exactly needed to get us going again. How long till we get there.

    Gates - is the DOD doing enough in Afghanistan or Iraq, are we prepared if Iran or North Korea become larger threats. Do our soldiers have the best equipment possible

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