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Memory Card error on photo printer when using Micro SD card.?

Whenever I put my micro SD card into my photo printer memory slot it give me a memory card error. When I put i put it in my phone it works fine, but when I go to put it in the adapter I get the error. It's brand new, and it is unlocked.

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    it could be that the images are in an unsupported format and therefor the printer wont be able to open them, best to check the formats the printer supports then check the format the phone uses.. - Daz

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  • 3 years ago

    The photos could be lost. in case you won't be able to get admission to you are able to consistently attempt reformatting it, to verify if the cardboard would be useable interior the destiny. Take it to a photlab first in the previous you reformatt it because it incredibly is going to erase each and every of the photos for specific. they could have a manner of having the photos off so examine with them first.

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