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who has the best pitching rotation in baseball this next year ?

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    I think you have to put the Cubs rotation in first:

    -The 3 returning starters with the team all of last season (Zambrano, Dempster, and Lilly) went a combined 48 - 21

    -A healthy Rich Harden is one of the most dominant pitchers in the MLB, he went 5-1 with a 1.77 ERA after joining the Cubs last year, he may not reach 30 starts, but even 20 at that pace is better than a full season of other mid-rotation starters

    -Zambrano should have a better 2009 than 2008 because he took time off due to back problems which costed him wins

    -Lilly has not had less than 15 wins over the past 3 seasons and has improved his record each of those years

    -The Cubs have options for the fifth spot including young pitchers Marshall (3.86 ERA last year) and Samardzija (2.28 ERA last year) and veterans Gaudin and Heilman, at least one of these players will have a solid season

    -The possible, but not probably acquisition of Peavy would make this rotation even better

    While other rotations have a better ace or better top half of the rotation, I don't believe any have the depth that the Cubs have. There are 4 pitchers in the Cubs rotation who could be number 1 starters for many other teams (Zambrano, Lilly-17 wins, Dempster-17 wins, Harden-when healthy), I think that puts them ahead of any other rotation in baseball.

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    The Yankees definitely have the most big names but their rotation is full of question marks and injury risks.

    Sabathia - fat players get really bad really fast around his age, and his workload over the last two years has been higher than anyone else's.

    Burnett - only pitched two full seasons in his career, and the other 8 have been cut short by injury

    Wang - Good pitcher but way overrated, doesn't do much else besides collect wins and pitch just well enough to have his offense score 5-6 runs for the win

    Pettitte - will be 37 years old

    Joba - has shown endurance issues, though he will be fantastic come '10 or '11 once he gets some experience

    And let me get something straight here - pitcher's wins are completely dependent on their team's offense. A mediocre pitcher with a big offense behind him could win 15 games. Better measurements are ERA and WHIP (hits and walks allowed per inning) since they're more reflective of the pitcher's individual performance.

    I think the best rotation in baseball will be the Rays.

    James Shields - walks almost no one and does everything very, very well. The most underrated pitcher in baseball

    Scott Kazmir - when not injured, he's one of the top 10 pitchers in the MLB, hands down. He'll be 25, only one year older than Lincecum with a similar skill set

    David Price - best young pitcher in the game, think the lefty Lincecum but with a bit less K's. Probably won't reach that in '09 but he has massive talent

    Matt Garza - would be a #2 on any other staff

    Andy Sonnanstine - the only question mark here is now only in his second full season. He dominated the minors in his first couple pro seasons and has shown flashes of brilliance in '08. Has potential to be almost as good as Shields all-around

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    The #1 Rotation in baseball is the Cubs...yea I said it, a Yankee Fan. The Yankees are #2 & the Red Sox are #3

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  • Mike
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    The Jays rotation had the best ERA in baseball last year, but that is likely to change with the losses of Burnett (signed with Yankees) and Marcum (out with injury until 2010).

    The Cubs rotation had the 2nd best ERA, but they just traded their #4 starter to the Rockies. Unless they trade for Peavy, who's going to replace the 11 wins of Jason Marquis?

    The Brewers rotation had the 3rd best ERA, but they just lost Sabathia to the Yankees and are on the verge of losing Sheets.

    The Dodgers rotation had the 4th best ERA, but they lost both Lowe and Penny.

    The D-backs rotation had the 5th best ERA, but they lost 9 game winner Big Unit. They did find his replacement though in Jon Garland, who won 14 games last year.

    Looks to me like the D-backs will have the better rotation, unless some changes for the other 29 teams come forth and/or if the top pitchers who just signed with their new teams pan out well.

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    Cubs rotation was overrated in last season. They are still overrated. The team is a complete team and starting pitching will perform better if there are supports coming from teamates. They are not bad but I doubt they will do the same this year.

    People said they choked in last year's post season. 2003 post-season was the year they chocked. Last year they got out-pitched, they will be the same again this year. Yankees has the best rotation, RedSox is the second and then Cubs and Mets is close behind.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Florida Marlins.

    Ricky Nolasco was a stud last year and will continue it this year.

    Josh Johnson is going to be in the running for the ERA title.

    Chris Volstad is just amazing

    Andrew Miller has the potential to be one of the best pitchers for a while. 2009 is going to be his year.

    and if Anibal Sanchez can shake off the rust he had last year after coming back from shoulder surgery, he will be a 15+ winner.

    make fun all you want about the Marlins, but I'm telling you watch out in '09. We have a team that can match up pitch for pitch and hit for hit against any other team in MLB.

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  • 3 years ago

    you recognize what the humorous concern approximately this question is, it tremendously much seems such as you're gloating your Phillies commencing 3. no longer that its neccessarily a incorrect concern to do, yet its kinda glaring pondering your phillie emblem and the actuality you spent ninety 5% of your text cloth speaking with reference to the Philles yet attempt to do away with from the displaying off of the super 3 via posing the question,"yet who after the Phillies might you have by way of fact the wonderful one million-2-3 in baseball?". Gracefully performed, sir. I applaude you. i think of the Cardinals could make a case for it wood worker, Wainwright and that i assume Garcia(yet hes shutdown for the twelve months). yet 3 men have 3 tremendously solid years.

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  • Wes T
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    1 decade ago

    Red Sox

    Josh Beckett-Cy Young quality

    Daisuke Matsuzaka-Cy Young quality

    Jon Lester-Cy Young quality and the best lefty in the game right now

    Tim Wakefield-Very good pitcher

    Brad Penny, John Smoltz-Great pitchers with little risk.

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  • 1 decade ago


    CC Sabathia

    AJ Burnette

    Chien Ming Wang

    Joba Chamberlain

    Andy Pettitte

    with also lots of prospects and spot fillers like Chase Wright, Aceves, and of course Phil Hughes/ Ian Kennedy

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its the yankees, C.C, A,J, Wang, Petite, Joba.

    All those pitchers are capable of 10 plus wins.

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