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Environmental Impacts For Toilet Paper Manufacturing?

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on a website I could use to give me more information on the certain kinds of chemicals used to manufacture toilet paper; and how the chemicals are disposed of or contained, and if these chemicals pollute the environment. I have been searching for a few weeks and am having a hard time finding a website. Thank you so much for your help.

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    I'd suggest you look for websites on making white paper, and tissue paper, generally.

    Then on "bleaching paper". Bleaching is a chemical use process.

    Don't forget it takes trees to make paper.

    Toilet roll manufacturing also takes power, and machinery, and oil.

    Then there's the pollutants from transporting it... the list goes on.

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    The environmental outcomes of scuffling with the manufacture of loo paper could be a shrink interior the controlled growing to be of evergreen forests for the harvesting of those trees for its manufacture. (The observed owls could hate it.) There could be an colateral strengthen interior the relatives growing to be of corn for the cobs (the crows could relatively like it) and of direction, cultivation of invasive cudzu vines (the snakes could relatively like it) and of sycamore trees - fascinated by those super leaves.

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