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Jessie asked in Business & FinanceTaxesAustralia · 1 decade ago

Why do Republicans need larger Tax Cuts? Why do they need more Morgage Relief? Did they overindulge ?

These are the people who had the most money! If they wasted it, why should us less endowed with money have to pay for their failure!

Personally I think taxes should raise on anyone makinf more than$100.000. a year!

This is OUR COUNTRY TOO! If you think taxes are too high, LEAVE! I am sure you can find a better country with Lower taxes at your tax rates elsewhere! NOT!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Tax cuts should happen, but only to those who can not afford to save the money. History has shown that when wealthy people get tax cuts, they (wisely) tend to save that money and/or use it to pay down debt. That may benefit them personally, but it does nothing to create jobs, or help the economy as a whole.

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