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what is one important skill a person should develop in order to achieve economic or academie success? use specific reasons and examples to support your choice

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  • John L
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    1 decade ago
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    One of the most essential skills one needs to develop to achieve economic or academic success is verbal communication. Those who can master this skill have a greater chance of attaining success. Take for example the latest United States president Barack Obama. Obama is probably one of the most inexperienced politicians who became a president in the U.S. His victory, as many political analysts would agree, weighted heavily on his ability to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life. His speeches are well-crafted and are tailored to be awe-inspiring. Obama's successful delivery of those well-crafted speeches

    Aside from the political arena, students in school also benefit greatly if they can verbally communicate their innovative ideas in class. Therefore, one of the criteria in obtaining a graduate degree is a verbal presentation of one's thesis. A student who cannot communicate her findings effectively is unlikely to convince others of her competencies in the subject matter. Academic success therefore also relies heavily on one's verbal communication skills.

    In the business world, verbal communications is an essential part of every department in a company. Sales and marketing employees are required to conduct numerous verbal presentation of their products to their superiors, and more importantly, their customers. An effective communicator is more likely to generate more revenue for the company. Even CEO in a public company needs to be an effective verbal communicator in-order to communicate business strategies and visions with her direct reports and to rally support from the shareholders. Developing one's verbal communication skills is therefore also essential in the business world.

    For these reasons, I believe that one of the most important skills one needs to develop to achieve economic or academic success is verbal communication. Becoming an effective verbal communicator breeds success.

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