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其實,資源回收 只是推動環保工作的一部分,而「環保」顧名思義即是「環境保護」的簡稱,如果去問50-60歲的長輩們他們也許不見得知道什麼是環保,但他們一定知道「回收破銅爛鐵可以賣錢」的道理。近年來,全球面臨著許多嚴重的環境問題,例如:溫室效應、沙漠化、水污染、廢棄物處理、空氣污染及生物絕種等,有鑒於自然資源極速耗竭,自然環境慘遭破壞等因素,各國元首、要人、以及有心人士一方面呼籲世人的重視,一方面期望透過國際法規的制約功能,防止惡化的程度與速度,因此,環境保育已是個人不容忽視的責任與使命。



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    The environmental protection is a virtue

    Setting sun west bottom, and then go to evening time, in lane son get empty none person, seem to be very quite, oddness!What voice is this ?Originally hard uncle uncles are after a while just preparing, the each neighbors neighbor wants to dump garbage of bucket, they each streams with sweat and has been enough hard!But return because some people are lazy, didn't do a good resource recall, have to hold a nose and bring to begin a set and take out to re- categorize one by one.I saw the heart feel the gravamen of Fen Fen and also pretty much sympathize with, however, why exactly want to do garbage classification and resource to recall so hard?And we again should how slice a body to carry outThese problems surround in my brain.

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    In fact, the resource recall just pushes a part of the environmental protection work,

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    while"environmental protection" just as its name implies is the brief name of "environmental protection",

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    if ask 50-60-year-old elders they probably and not necessarily so know that what environmental protection is, but they definitely know the truth of "the recall break the copper lousy iron and can sell money".In recent years, the world faces many serious environment problems,

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    for example:the green house effect, desert turn, the water pollution, wastes processing, air pollution and living creature become extinct etc., have owing to natural resource's very and soon using up,

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    the natural environment cruelly breaks an etc. factor, all countries head of state,

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    important person, and observant and conscientious person private on the other hand appeals the value of people of this world and on the other hand expects through the check and supervision function of international laws and prevents worse degree and speed from,

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    consequently, the environmental conservation is already personal responsibility and mission that allow of no to ignore.

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    Turn head to see everyone of us, how do we exert the responsibility of environmental protection?Suggestion can from the following what time begin:A, match with a government

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    翻ㄌ很多次 是因為字太多ㄌ...


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