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歷史悠久的補教業,一直是台灣人的另一個求學環境。本專題研究使用的是資料探勘 (Data Mining)技術,運用在補教業中且利用決策樹分類模式,集合學習者資料來探討忠誠度與滿意度,讓資料到資訊變得更有準確性。利用關聯式規則法則,找出非忠誠和不滿意群體的共同特性,針對這些特性來了解補教業學習者的需求且知道受到哪些因素影響,例如:環境是否良好、學習情況以及師資問題等等,使補教業可以有效掌握影響學習者忠誠度與滿意度的關鍵因素,同時也能提升補教業者從事學習者分析特性與成效,這一切都需要商業智慧的分析與預測來作為決策基礎。


還有人有不同翻法嗎@@?..因為這些會用到..所以請不要直接線上全文翻譯就貼上..有時文法會怪怪的..thx^ ^

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    The business intelligence is repairing to teach the application of the industry

    The history longly repairs to teach an industry, have been being Taiwanese's another to attend school environment.What this special subject research uses is a data to prospects(Data Mining) a technique, make use of in repair teach the industry and make use of the mode of the decision tree classification, gather learner data to inquire into loyalty and satisfaction, make the data to information become to have accuracy more.Make use of the connection type rule rule, find out not- honest and be dissatisfied with the common characteristic of community, aim at these characteristics to understand to repair to teach the need of the industry learner and knows to be subjected to which factors influence, for example:Whether environment is good or not and learning condition and teachers problem etc., making to repair to teach an industry can effectively control influence learner loyalty and the key factor of satisfaction, also can promote to repair to teach the operator how to work on the characteristic of the learner analysis and result in the meantime, the all theses are all needed analysis and estimate of business intelligence Be make policy foundation.

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    The commercial wisdom is making up teaches industry the application


    The history glorious makes up teaches industry, has been Taiwan people's another studies the environment.

    本專題研究使用的是資料探勘 (Data Mining)技術,

    What this special study use is the material exploration (Data Mining) the technology,


    The utilization in makes up teaches industry, and using the decision tree disaggregated model, the gathering learner material discusses the loyalty and the degree of satisfaction,


    Let the material becomes to the information has the accuracy.


    Using the connection type regular principle, discovers non-loyal and the unsatisfied community's common characteristic, in view of these characteristics understood that makes up teaches industry learner's demand, and knew that which factor influence comes,


    For example: The environment is whether good, study situation as well as teachers question and so on, causes to make up teaches industry to be possible to grasp effectively affects the learner loyalties and the degree of satisfaction key aspect,


    Simultaneously can also raise is promoted to fill a vacant official post teaches the entrepreneur to be engaged in the learner to analyze the characteristic and the result, all these need the commercial wisdom the analysis and the forecast takes the policy-making foundation.

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