Where can i fine alibaba clone script. PLS HELP?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you want to start a B2B Trade Marketplace Website like alibaba.com, then my B2B Trade Marketplace website script i have created will be best for you.

    please check the live demo of my alibaba.com clone ( B2B Trading Marketplace Script )


    Price is now US$50 only..

    and below are the other versions of my b2b trading marketplace script ( alibaba.com clone )




    Spanish Version: http://www.webdevelopmenthouse.com/alibaba-spanish

    and you can see rest of my products or scripts i am selling here;


    p.s. I am not giving reselling rights... One purchased copy of my script should be setup on one domain only..

    Please feel free to contact me via email at nadir_alishah@hotmail.com or nadir@webdevelopmenthouse.com

    you can also catch me via messengers for a chat;

    MSN Messenger: nadir_alishah@hotmail.com

    Yahoo Messenger: alishah_nadir@yahoo.com

    Skype: nadiralishah

    please feel free to call me at my cell phone number: 0092 3452771697

    Below is the list of main modules/features in my alibaba.com clone (B2B Trade Market Place Scripts)

    - Scrolling latest buying leads

    - scrolling latest selling leads

    - Top or latest products

    - featured products

    - featured sell offers

    - featured buyers

    - featured suppliers

    - latest gold suppliers

    - Payment Methods Integrated (PAYPAL, NOCHEX, 2CHECKOUT)

    - Main Categories. (you can add/edit/delete categories from backend admin panel)

    - sub categories (you can add/edit/delete sub categories from backend admin panel)

    - countries (you can add/edit/delete countries from backend admin panel)

    - About Country or europe or whatever (you can add/edit/delete About country secion images with their titles from backend admin panel)

    - Selling Trade Leads.

    - Buying Trade leads.

    - Big Buyers status

    - Site statistics

    - Products listings.

    - Companies listings.

    - Company profiles, and Product details, company video intro, etc etc

    - Admin Control Panel.

    - Banner Ads Management.

    - contact to Seller/Buyer (Complete internal messaging).

    - Different Membership levels (silver and gold membership).

    - Trade news section

    - Hot News

    - success stories

    - Trade shows

    - Partner websites

    - Forum

    - BLogs

    - user can give comments and rating to buyer or seller to share their experience with buyer or seller.

    - Supplier video intro

    - Popular Searches

    - Image gallery for products, sell offers and buy offers

    - Logo uploading for company profiles

    - Maintain company profile

    - Post/Edit/Remove sell offers

    - Post/Edit/Remove buy offers

    - Post/Edit/Remove products

    - Contact us form for getting feedback from visitors

    - Email verification upon registration

    - Password retrieval system

    - and much more....!

    All the features can be control/monitor easily with the back end user friendly admin control panel i created.

    My script can be run on any server running PHP/MYSQL

    i will provide support after your purchase.. i will setup the script on your hosting for free, will design a logo for you for free, will integrate that logo with my script for free, i will also be open for additional features and customizations, but will need reasonable additional payment for my those extra efforts.. i have provided the list of all features so that you can have a look.. i have provided full functional demo with admin panel, so that you can test with your entire satisfaction before your purchase..

    Full source code will be provided and there is no any encryption in the code. You can pay via western union or bankwire or moneygram. After i will get the payment, download link will be provided to you within 24 hours. Or i can also setup or install the script on your server for free, there is no any installation charges. Script installation will be completely free..

    many thanks and kind regards,

    Nadir Ali Shah


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  • 3 years ago

    Alibaba Clone

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    This is incomplete B2B script learned by my experienced.

    This scripts fulfill with bug program, each form script doesnot use capcha code to protect from bot attack.

    It made my domain and server which i rented down all the times. This lying snake Nadir also didn't assist after he got money from us. If you don't believe you can check each contact script especially "rate this company" function and other script you can see. So bad!

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  • 3 years ago

    There are relatively merely 2 common approaches to deal alongside with your clones, one... you may the two make mild of them, via way of feigning flattery... or. you may thoroughly forget approximately approximately them. it is no longer the same however the important nonetheless applies. whilst my older brother could tease me as a splash woman, i replaced into extra helpful served to pretend like he wasn't getting to me and he could end interior of a few rounds... if I cried or made a usual deal approximately it, he could tease relentlessly till somebody MADE him end... i think of the clones have the same mentality as a 9 year old boy...

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