My USB Drive needs tobe formatted, how can I protect my data?

I don't know why but When I insert My USB Drive (Kingston 2GB) in any computer port so I get a message to format my USB Drive, I 'd some important data of my studies stored in my USB...

Plzz advice me what can I do to solve this problem & get my data back(Protected)...!!??


I can't acces my USB from Explorer.... What's the other way!!??

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    If you have any virus in your usb drive then your anti virus program will not allow you to open your drive. There's one way:

    right click on the start menu and click on windows explorer.

    You'll get a list of all of your driver including your usb drive on the left hand side.

    Click no your usb drive. You'll see the contents of your usb drive.

    Now copy your data to your hard disc.

    Now open my computer and format your usb. Your usb is ready to work!

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    1 decade ago

    Rik gave you an answer, I Like it but you probably need to format it (USB)because it is infected, and if you made a backup right on you hard drive you could infect other data on that drive and maybe loose it, if you dont have another usb, make a backup on a cd or dvd depending on how large the usb drive you want to format is, otherwise

    -create a partition on your hard drive,

    -save the data there,

    -scan that partition with the new data using the unti-virus you installed.

    You now can format the USB drive then put your data back .

    Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    Some systems are programmed to stop the USB from opening unless it is empty or formatted in the same system. This is because as pendrives carry viruses and worms, this is the only way to protect their system from getting infected.

    But if other pendrives are opening in that system, then ur pendrive is definitely infected. TO get the data with infection u can do as told by the other user like open witht he windows explorer or the address bar or the RUN prompt in start menu.

    But please format ur pendrive at the end of the task.

    All the best

  • 1 decade ago

    try a different computer,see if it will recognize it then save it into a file,format your card reinstall it ,,,go home

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