abercrombie and hollister?

i always wondered what made these two brand so famous , i mean why is it that everywhere i go i see hollister or abercrombie, what is it that made it so famous , i never saw any commercial of any kind and still people would pay 20 to 30 dollars for a shirt.


i went to this mall in the falls , which it has an abercrombie and a hollister , i ask the person there the same question , they had no idea,

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    Hollister the so called "california look" is actually a canadian based company which makes it incredibably lame. If you walk into hollister you will not find a single picture where the guy is wearing a shirt. that seems retarded for a place that is trying to sell clothing. I honestly hate hollister, but TV makes california look like the "cool" thing to do so retarded kids try to be cool and buy what they think is "so cally" even though once again... its a cadian based company. hollister = gay

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    Too rich for me man!

    Abercrombie is a clothing store popular on college campuses and high schools. More expensive than most other clothing stores, (Gap, American Eagle, Old Navy, etc.) yet people still pay for it.

    Hollister, owned by Abercrombie and Fitch. Store made to emulate Southern California. slightly cheaper than its parent company, but clothes still expensive for some people.

    If you cant say afford a 15 dollar t-shirt then go to the clearance rack and get it for 10 dollars Hopefully most people can afford that. : D

    Hope I helped you.

    ' J '

  • papke
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    right it is the information. they're the two owned by utilizing an identical corporation constrained producers Inc., which owns a great type of different shops, yet in many situations Abercrombie & Fitch, abercrombie, and Hollister are accociated with one yet another the main many times.

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    im not gonna lie I was the kid in all abercrombie and hollister and it had to do with the fact that most of my friends had money and wanted to spend it on brand names. When i moved schools not many of my friends wear it so now i havent bought anything in a year but there are still abercrombie and hollister in my backpack.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think it is just because it is the "brand" name. the style stands out compared to other clothing stores. Although the fabric is pretty cheap, i think people just buy it since it is a popular clothing line. If it's popular, Abercrombie/Hollister will be able to sell if for a higher price.

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    It's just like anything branded, it becomes popular because it somehow hypes itself up.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was helped early on by some celebrities being seen wearing it... and that's what happened. Then after it became this popular, celbs stopped wearing it and moved on.

    I used to wear these brands all the time... and looking back it actually makes me so depressed. Why would I wear something that just makes me blend in so much?! I think the perfume they spray in the store so liberally must brainwash people!!!

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    1 decade ago

    i wonder that to.. hmm.

    i used to want it and would get mad if my rents wouldn't buy me any but now i hate it. i still have an abercombie tank to go under clothes but thats all i wear from there i mean theres a couple holes in it but i haven't found any tank like it that fits under my clothes that i like. so yea.

    i got two shirts and it was $80. They both got holes in them and shrunk alot.

    I don't shop there anymore.

    I don't follow peoples trends I do things myself. And thats how I like it and I hate when peope copy it.

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    People like to 'fit in' with groups and cliques so they think by buying logo t-shirts, it will validate their status.

    But they just look completely stupid. They're walking advertisements in which they payed for. It makes absolutely no sense.

    I refer to these individuals as Aberzombie & B!tches

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    its the 'fad'.

    once one person had it,

    the other had to also.

    it was a chain reaction of fashion losers.

    (which i am, since thats all i wear)/

    but i guess the word just got around...

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    i wonder the same thing!

    its probobly just because that one persone wore it once and made it look so good that some one else bought it... so on and so forth...

    the way they fit is nice too!

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