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bam wrecking ball abec 7 bearings?

well i bought these 2 weeks ago.

They are ok....

they dont make the speed sounds that more other bearings do. (example: Bones Reds)

I wd40 them they were fast for 10 minutes then slowed down. I really dont know why.

My bolts are lose. But the wheel can still move about a centimeter or so. I can tighten them.

I put in the spacers. any help?


why not wd40? And umm can i ever fix the damage from the wd40? What are "The covers" and how i do i take them off.

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    ouch shouldn't have put WD40 on them! Just skate fast so they break in nice.

    You most likely got dirt inside them. Take of the covers and take a look. Clean them out nicely.

    You want to have the bolt on the wheels a little loose so the wheel has a little room to move!

    Hope that helped..anything i missed?

    yea it's fine WD40 just makes dirt stick more and easier

    the cover which encases the little ball bearings, take that off a spray some cleaner in there and rotate the bearing. Search around on the internet to find how to clean bearings, I'm sure it is explained better than I can right now

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