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car speakes to 2 channel amp?

ok so i got 2 volfenhog 350w 4 ohm for the front and 2 pionners ?w 4 ohm for the back can i hook all these up to a 460 watt jensen 2/1 - channel amp and if i can how??

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    Since the amp can be bridged into one channel that means that it is 2 ohm stable so you can run 2 speakers on each channel by connecting the speakers together in parallel like Option 1 here...

    This would be for one channel, wire the other channel the same using the other two speakers.

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    With 4 4ohm audio gadget, you are able to parallel the front and rear audio gadget hence dropping the impedance to 2ohms in line with area. to do this, merely tie the to positives jointly and the two negatives jointly on the two area and run it to the front channels of your amp leaving the rear channels obtainable for a sub or greater audio gadget. merely bear in mind that when doing this you will no longer have fader (front to diminish back) administration, basically stability (left to correct).

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