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Would the militarism of america be a bad idea?

Most of the people I have talked to say they dont think so? I am doing an essay for my comp class, just need some opinions.


More of a police state. More like the integration of military culture and ethics.

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    What, you mean like a military dictatorship and/or police state? Please clarify.

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    - For one thing, that would destroy the capacity of the citizenry to question the status quo and engage in creative thought divergent from prevailing social, economic, and political norms. In other words, it would lead to widespread national stagnation, as the automaton culture of the military is very hostile to questioning such things - yet questioning the status quo is how ALL progress of any sort ultimately comes about.

    - Such a society ultimately requires the individual to be completely subserviant to the interests of the state. In addition to the aforementioned stagnation, this will and always has resulted in widespread abuses of individual political and human rights.

    - It will foster waste and corruption by removing the pressure on the political and economic elite to act in the interests of the public. Always and everywhere, accountability is necessary to ensure performance. Militarism of the sort you're talking about will remove that.

    - It would result in further neglect of investments in infrastructure and the people themselves, as the leadership will find it necessary to increasingly devote scarce resources to pacifying the public with "bread and circuses."

    - It would destroy America's moral and ideological leadership, as a police state stands in stark contrast to what are generally seen to be American values.

    Also, as you've hopefully noticed, we've already seen some of these things come to pass to a greater or lesser extent since Bush came to power. The bottom line is that societies always close down/militarize in order to preserve the power of the current elite. Of course, if they were performing well, there would not be pressure on them to abdicate their dominant position. Thus, in nearly every case, while the implementation of a police state does restore order temporarily in times of social strife, it always causes stagnation, ultimately leading to failure and even worse unrest.

    Source(s): M.S. in Econ, student of history and society.
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    It would be a very bad idea, however, it's not going to stop it from happening. Obamas CDC is going to happen. It's unfortunate that all of those who voted for him didn't understand that that's exactly what his CDC is.

    Have you ever seen the movie, "Red Dawn"? I think that's the name of it. It's got a young Patrick Swayze in it. Russia takes over a small American town and some high schoolers take refuge in the mountains.

    Well, if you watch the movie, there are times when the kids sneak into town. You see the occupation of the town by the russian military. That's how it would be with a police state. We'd lose a lot of our individual rights, such as the "right to bear arms" and the "right to assemble". To just name a couple.

    Imagine your neighbor turning on you because they saw you in front of your house after 10 pm. Not a nice thought is it? Well, get ready for it because if he gets his way it's a comin.

    Hope I was of some help.

  • We have no reason to engage ourselves in a war, yet we spend massive amounts of money to defense companies for military weapons. These programs are corporate welfare. A fighter jet does not need to be in development for ALMOST 30 YEARS. What a scam! My Xbox 360 is more advanced than that crap. The F-22 is powered by a 386 computer!

    We ***** and complain about national healthcare, but Americans want to shell out billions for grown-up toys that may be obsolete by the time they're needed for a real war.

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