Help with 2010 Senior Trip?

OK here is the deal...I need some ideas on where to go on a senior trip...sounds easy right...yeah well I am in a home school group and my class is having some problems agreeing on where to go...we are all going with our moms because most of us will be under the age of 18 so that will be a total of probably 16 people. I want to go either on a cruise or to disney world but some of the families are kind of being difficult and won't go anywhere they haven't gone already as a family so that means both of my ideas are out the window...I live in Oklahoma and I don't really want to go to Texas, Missouri, or Kansas because I have been there more than once and seen about all there is to see. It has to be something that is under like 1000 dollars per person because us seniors are going to have to raise all of the money. If you have any ideas please post....I'm completely out of ideas.

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    My senior class (2009) is heading down to Disneyland for Grad Nite.

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    onlything i know in oklahoma is the thunders. why dont you guys go see the thunders play lol or rent out a ferry should be like 200 bucks a person with a dinner inside the ferry ride and have the dance in the ferry and a buffet and all that junk thats what i did for my senior trip.

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    go to NYC, there's loads to do (something for everyone) and flights are super cheap right now!

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