Have you ever met an NFL player?

I met LB Chase Blackburn from the New York Giants about 2 months after the Super Bowl and got an autograph and looking at that Super Bowl ring in person, WOW that ring was huge! If you ever met an NFL player, if so who?

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    I met Peyton Manning once at a gas station. He was really nice, and cool. We talked about Tony Dungy, and he said that Coach Dungy is a good man. We also talked about what it is like going to different cities to play different teams. It was about 1 year before the Colts won the SB. That was when I met Peyton Manning.

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    I met a couple

    I met Brandon Chillar who is a linebacker in the NFL now, I met him when he was still in high school, I was in little league, he gave me some great tips.

    My dad used to manage a restaurant in Pittsburgh where some of the Steelers went after games, I met Troy Polomalu, Plexico Burress, Casey Hampton, Clark Haggans, Marshall Faulk and Mike Rozier (1982 Heisman Winner). I also met Larry Fitzgerald when he was still at Pitt. I also became good friends with Larry Foote, he gave me lots of advice throughout high school.

    Now I play at Cornell and there are some NFL prospects I played with, but on the sideline at the Columbia game I turned around and met the stomach of Kevin Boothe who went to Cornell last year and plays with the Giants now, He was on the field goal team in the Super Bowl!

    But yeah, over the years I have met a few players and it has been an honor to have conversations with them and share football sense. Truly amazing experiences.

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    I met John Kuhn in 2008 and got his autograph at Training Camp when he was still with the Steelers. It was pretty sweet meeting him. He seemed like a cool, down to earth guy. He tried to sign as many autographs as he could and seemed like he really cared about the fans. And I saw all the Steeler players in 2008 but only met Kuhn. I was a few feet away from the players when they came out of St Vincent College onto the practice field for practice. I saw a lot of the players come out and saw the rest of them practicing. It was a neat experience and I would love to go back and meet other players and get autographs. I would love to be able to get know a player and have time to talk to them. As for college football players, one kid went to my HS and he was a great RB and Safety. He goes to IUP now and I don't think he has any plans to go into the NFL but I know he would make it. He is a great athlete. But other than him I haven't met a college player. Terrell Pryor used to live a few hours away from me before he went to Ohio State. The boys HS basketball team at my school got to play against him and his team in the playoffs and he was the best player on that team...I'm sure he is just as great at football but I haven't really watched a full Ohio State game since he started at QB.

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    met nfl player

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    I met Steve Furness in an area restaurant when I was 13 and asked him for his autograph. At first he was reluctant suspecting it was for my dad or older brother, he asked me questions regarding his name and number. I floored him providing much more information than he asked, he laughed and said that any little girl who knew that much about the NFL deserves an autograph.

    I also met Terry Bradshaw in our local drugstore, he was as nice as could be. I was nervous and ran out forgetting to ask him for his autograph. I was 14 at that time, and he would have given it to me if I requested, but I was too embarrassed.

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    I almost got hit by Terna Nande's GMC Envoy. He made sure he didn't hit me. I didn't get an autograph, but he's not on any team so it's pretty much worthless right now. He's a huge dude.

    Not a football player, but I also saw LeBron James at Cedar Point once

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    I met o lineman Ruben Brown when he was on the buffalo bills, I also met current bills LB Paul Pozluszny he was kinda big. I met a few other Bills players too just can't remember who right now. I almost got to meet my fave Bills player Cb Leodis McKelvin.

    Source(s): Jeremy ( Bills fan)
  • I had Darrell Dess for a substitute teacher ... Darrell Dess was a All Pro Lineman for the NY Giants in the 60's.

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    I met Torry Holt and Marc Bugler and Steven Jackson as well at the Rams practice camp. It was nice, and I got their autograph as well.

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    I met Jovan Haye of the Tampa Bay Bucs. His Brother works with my mother at Walgreen's Drug store. I also met a Tampa Bay Bucs receiver at their training camp. He signed my football.

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