Is it "un" or "une"? How can you tell?

Hi, I am having some problems learning French, haha.

I always having trouble remembering whether the article of a noun is masculine or feminine. Is there any special way you can tell it is un or un, or do you just have to memorize it? If you have to memorize it are there any tricks you can do?

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    Hi, there are a few rules that can help you.

    The following are MASCULINE:

    nouns ending in -age (except cage, image, page, plage and rage)

    nouns ending in -ail, -eil, -euil

    nouns ending in -ai, -oi, at

    most nouns ending in -acle, -ège, -ème, -é, asme, isme

    also days, months and seasons tend to be masculine

    as do animals and also languages

    The following are FEMININE:

    nouns ending in -ance, -anse, -ence, and -ense (except le silence)

    nouns ending in -sion and -tion

    most nouns ending in -ie, -uie, -ière, -ine, ise

    nouns ending in a double consonant followed by an unpronounced 'e' -elle, -enne, -esse, -ette

    continents are often feminine

    also fruits, countries and rivers ending in 'e'

    Although there are several rules (as shown above) you'll mostly just have to look the word up in a dictionary to find out its gender. With plenty of practice you'll begin to remember them. Good luck with your language learning :)

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