i burnt my finger on my straightener help!?

ok i burnt my pointer finger and i dont know what to do , im just sitting here holding a frozen water bottle , it i let go for like 10 seconds it burns so bad what do i do to make it stop


i heard something about putting it in vinager to help , anybody know anything about that?

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    What you should do depends on how bad the burn is, if the area that was burned is red and swollen/blistered then it is probably a 2nd degree burn. If the burn has blisters that are not open, first remove any clothing or jewelry from the injured area. Then, hold the burned area under cool running water for around 10 minutes to stop the burning process. You can also use a clean towel or wash cloth moistened with cold water. However, don’t use ice or ice water because they will further damage the tissue. Do not break open the blisters, or there will be a greater risk of infection. If the blisters are open, don’t remove any clothing that might be stuck to the burn, and don’t run water over the burn. Use sterile gauze to bandage the burned area, you should change the bandage daily. Make sure to keep the bandaging relatively loose to make sure air can still get at it. Try to keep your hand raised to reduce swelling. Putting butter,creams, or ointments can actually slow down the healing and make the burn worse because air can't escape, if you do decide to put something on it, make sure it won't trap the heat in. In fact, you should probably go online yourself to find something that might work. Hope this helps!


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    !!! NO VINEGAR! It will cause PAIN and will not help you in the slightest!

    Keep the ice on it, for up to hal an hour, basicly what happens when you burn your skin is the blood and water in your skin continues to boil below the skin, and keeps on putting your nerves through pain. After 30 minutes your skin should have cooled down and you will be able to take off the ice.

    If there is any sort of a skin split/cut, apply something like TCP or antiseptic wipes. Then cover with a plain plaster. If there is a blister, cover with a plaster with medication on it. That way if/when the blister pops your cut will be a bit more protected.

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    My dads a dr. so put any antibiotic(neosporin or something) because that will make your finger of cracking (not literly cracking just like when you need chapstick really bad but for finger.) Put some chapstick on it to medicated not flavored. Take tylenol or motrin tylenol will be better though. don't be a wussy because you don't want your finger to get numb put your finger in a cold glass of water (put neosproin etc. on it after) Once all of those are done put on some waterproof sunscreen and then out a bandaid on it an put it in a new cup o of ice cold water.

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    Do you have some Aloe gel in the house or even an aloe plant? This is called the burn plant and is great for cooling down and treating burns. Get some gel if you don't have any it's great for all sorts of bites, stings, burns etc. If not, keep it in cold water. The sting will soon subside. Butter will just fry it!

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    Do you have an aloe vera plant? if so, you cut off a piece and rub the juice on your burn. If not, I'd recommend getting one (they are sold at some stores like home depot, maybe other stores with nurseries). Or maybe your hippie aunt or uncle with all the vintage stuff has one and you could start your own plant off that. You will get burned again, so the aloe vera will be the best option. butter kinda works, but not as well.

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    keep the frozen water bottle on as long as you can when your finger goes numb take it off then place the bottle back onto your finger this will stop it from blistering it's gonna hurt for a few days don't cover it with a plaster let the air get to it

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    run under cold water for 10 mins and wrap it up gently in cling film

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    take advil thats what i did and it helped alot!! and out your finer under cold water for 10 minutes

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    pour sprunk or buzz cola over it the carbon dioxide will ease the skin irretation

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    lol this might sound funny, but get a tomato n put it on there, but slices of cold tomato!

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