Salmonella outbreak, do I have it?

There has been a peanut butter recall in my area because of salmonella in peanut butter. I've eaten it within the past week, and i'm not sure if I have it.

I have:

Flu like symptoms

Abnormal heartbeat

A major fever

Light headedness


My dad won't believe me even though I showed him what the symptoms are, and he won't take me to the doctor. He says I just have the flu, but flu like symptoms is one of the symptoms of salmonella. What to do?


Do you all not get the point, my dad won't take me to the doctor!!

Update 2:

My moms dead, and Im 13.

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    Pleas hun settle down ok. Im sorry mom is gone from your life, I really am, and I am sorry your scared and dads not taking you serious. please continue to read my post please ok. To find the er phone number, you go to google then maps, put in your home address, then the box that says search nearby, try putting in hospital and see if one looks near you and call and see what I said below first though ok.

    When you are at a critical life threatening stage it is apparent to anyone around you, that you are this ill. It is very common to be scaerd, see someting and feel its happening to you. This is flu season, and the flu can turn ugly and also be life threatening to you also ok. So drink plenty of water, ask for gatoraide, for a few of your drinks during the day, take tylenol and rest all that you can. You are dehydrated, thats what is causing the heart beat problem, yes you can drink a cup of water ever few hours and still be dehydrated, drink more try 6 ounces every single hour.

    There is no more that you can do. You can call the ER to make yourself feel better, and ask to talk to a nurse regarding your flu symptoms and if they feel you should come in, they do have set criteria and guidlines to help access over the phone, if they are not too too busy. I hope you feel better. They are doing over kill on the recalls to be totally certain, every jar does not have samonella, only the potential. Wed have a million dead or in the hospital by now, if every jar had it ok. I hope you feel better, get that fever down!!

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    Having lived in N.Y.C for at least 15 years & eating out alot, i've had salmonella a dozen times & the other food poisonings too lol. A few initial symptoms are extreme gastric distress, (extended stomach, hard belly that you could bounce a quarter off of & the urge to vomit, though you can't at first). It's awful & once what you've eaten is fully digested, you don't know which end to put on the toilet first. The only thing that really helps is bed rest & making sure you replace the fluids your losing, even if you keep losing them. Though this outbreak doesn't say if it's the elderly & very young ( babies & toddlers ) as well as those w/compromised immune systems that are the fatalities( most usually they are), there really isn't much more you can do. A hospital would put you on i.v fluids & a pain killer ( the DR. would not & would send you to the ER ). I've had friends admit themselves to the emergency room that were given a morphine drip in the worst cases of pain. Since you do have diarrhea, but no vomiting or sever stomach cramping....get yourself bu cu Gatorade or some other alternative for electrolytes, a banana & maybe some TheraFlu. I think you'll know in 24 hours if this is peanut related & your Dad will too. Feel better soon!!!!

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    ok im from new zealand and i recently got salmonella on my birthday aka christmas day it was nasty 4 3 weeks im slowly still getting my energy back but it does sound like symptoms of it... um u could try ring a nurse like at ur doctors and tell them ur symptoms and ask if u should be seen by the doctor as u must probley will have 2 as salmonella can lead 2 death if it enters the blood stream or ask a friend or friend mum 2 take u instead if u really are sick call an ambulance and then ur dad might undersound. hope u get better

  • Don't worry. If you had salmonella, you'd be puking. Just wait, drink some meds. If your dad won't get it for you, sneak out and buy over the counter immodium and fever reducers. DON"T WORRY! DON"T LISTEN TO ALL THOSE LOseRs!!! Just relax, don't worry. Abnormal heartbeat might just be in your head. Just relax. You might develop an eating problem because of your stress. I did once. I thought I was sick, I stopped eating, and I have been losing weight.

    Try to remember what peanut butter you ate. Look on the label and see if it says it was manufactured by the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) at its Blakely, Georgia processing plant. Or the Peter Pan peanut butter and certain Great Value brand peanut butter. Once you find this, ask your dad again. If he refuses, you have the right to call the cops to have him arrested.

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    Regular Peanut butter isn't affected by the salmonella outbreak. It is items containing Peanut Butter paste such as cookies, crackers and Little Debbie bars. If you ate one of those things you could have it. Salmonella is normally not fatal. It is people who are in a weakened state such as the elderly who are at the most risk of death.

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    Ooh used to work in Health dept. and would advice you to seek medical assistance immediately if only to put you mind at rest. Your doc should be aware of the recall in your area. So tell him of your fears. Easy to read details of all symptoms on salmonella are on following website..But do see doctor as soon as poss. If Dad wont take you to doctor can you contact another relative and tell them of your situation..or get to the doctor yourself. Good luck and hope you will feel better soon.

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    You would be puking your brains out if you had it. It comes with a vengeance and lasts for about 12-24 hours. With the violent vomiting there is a risk to become dehydrated. Salmonella usually doesn't kill the normal healthy adolescent or adult but may seriously hurt an infant or geriactric person.

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    I accidentally ate some raw chicken wings and got really really sick with those exact symptoms.. i swore i had salmonella.. but it turned out to be food posioning. the difference is the longevity in the illness. salmonella can last for months.. food poisoning will only be a day to a few days. just rest and drink plenty of water, because of the diarrhea.

    hope you feel better!

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    what exactly did you eat because straight up peanut butter in a jar was not affected by the recall

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