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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesGenealogy · 1 decade ago

what is henry hudsons clame to fame?

i need to im doing a project on him and its due on monday the 9 and i have alot of homework so people help me please.

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    Henry Hudson (1570 to 1611) was an English sea explorer and navigator in the early 17th century. Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, Hudson County, New Jersey, Hudson, NY, Hudson Valley and the Hudson River are named after him.

    Henry Hudson was the English navigator who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1609 and became the first European to sail up what is now the Hudson River in New York.

    In 1607 he was hired by the English Muscovy Company to lead the ship Hopewell on an expedition north of the European continent, in an effort to discover a northeastern sea passage to the Spice Islands of the South Pacific. He reached Greenland and Spitzbergen before his path was blocked by ice. It was thought at the time that, because the sun shone for three months in the north latitudes, the ice would melt and a ship could travel across the top of the world to the Spice Islands (or the Moluccas--a group of islands of eastern Indonesia between Sulawesi and New Guinea that were discovered in the early 16th century.The islands were settled by the Portuguese but taken in the 17th century by the Dutch, who used them as the basis for their monopoly of the spice trade).

    . On his second voyage a year later, trying to go across the top of Russia ,he made it as far as the archipelago of Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean. Still convinced that there might be a separate passage to the northeast, the merchants of the Dutch East India Company hired Hudson in 1609 to lead an expedition on the ship Half Moon . He was told to sail around the Arctic Ocean north of Russia, into the Pacific and to the Far East.

    Hudson had other ideas, however, and sailed in the other direction, across the Atlantic to North America. He explored along the coast of Nova Scotia and down to what is now New York Harbor, sailing up the Hudson River as far north as Albany. Having heard rumors by way of Jamestown and John Smith, he and his crew decided to try to seek out a Southwest Passage through North America. However, no such route existed until one was created by the construction of the Panama Canal between 1903 and 1914. The Native Americans, who had relayed the information to John Smith, were most likely referring to what are known today as the Great Lakes.

    Hudson's fourth voyage, aboard Discovery (1610-11), was financed by English merchants seeking the Northwest Passage across America to the Far East. He made it as far as Hudson's Bay before mutineers put him and eight others (including his son) adrift on a small boat in the bay in June of 1611. Although no record exists of their fate, the men were already sick and without provisions, and it is assumed Hudson and the others did not survive.

    Henry Hudson's life is undocumented prior to his famous voyages, but he is said to have begun as a cabin boy at 16 and gradually worked his way up to ship's captain.

    . His search for a Northeast Passage to China was clearly influenced by Capt. John Smith, who had corresponded with him and lent him maps. Although nearly a century earlier the Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazano, sailing in the service of France, had entered New York Bay, Hudson in the Half Moon ascended the river nearly to present-day Albany. The ascent of the river, later named in Hudson's honor, gave the Dutch claim to the area.

    (There is a map on the wikipedia site showing his routes)

  • Rubym
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    1 decade ago

    Henry Hudson discovered Manhattan Island and sailed at least part of the way up the river that now bears his name. I believe his ship was called the "Half Moon" but don't quote me on that, look it up.

    I would reccomend you try an encyclopeida, wikipedia or a library to get more information. That's about all I know.

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