Illegals working in safety sensitive jobs....?

Few years ago that illegal woman from Mexico-can`t think of her name now-who was resisting deportation by hiding in a Chicago church, for months, was found to have been working at Chicago`s airport, as cleaning woman. Now cleaning personnel have clearance at airports wider than an an ordinary citizen does, and access to areas that are sensitive to safety of planes & passengers flying them.You feel terrorists could get in same positions, or pay illegals such as this woman was, to do something nasty like plant something that goes KA-BOOM!! feel somebody, somewhere in high responsibility is "screwing up"-bu hiring illegals to such sensitive jobs?...


Actually she might have been cleaner of planes, not of airport toilets, as "Cheelicious" sarcasticaly suggests..."Don Azteca" & "Candlegu..." two fine examples of culture from south of the border, which is flooding U.S., their country is PROUD of them

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    1 decade ago
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    An Americas Report news investigation shows individuals posing a terror threat to the United States are increasingly obtaining access to stolen or doctored passports, which then can be used to obtain visas to enter the U.S. with the purpose of carrying out terrorist attacks.

    The report notes several instances where this has already happened:

    # Four of the 19 hijackers from 9/11 carried genuine Saudi passports that had been "manipulated in a fraudulent manner" to obtain genuine U.S. visas.

    # In 2005, four individuals were charged with smuggling dozens of Iraqis and Jordanians into the U.S. through South America beginning in 2001 on stolen European passports.

    # In 2007, an NBC News investigation uncovered a black market for stolen passports in Latin America.

    # Last week, three Afghani Muslim men were caught carrying genuine stolen Mexican passports with their pictures and data while en route to Europe.

    The report notes that Latin America, which now has a large Hezbollah presence, especially in Argentina, Venezuela, Paraguay and Brazil, is increasingly becoming the point of entry because documents are easily obtained.

    In addition to those countries is Nicaragua, which has a large Iranian presence. Iran also has a huge embassy in Managua “where diplomats enjoy immunity and the full support of President Daniel Ortega,” the report finds.

    The Venezuelan government, lead by President Hugo Chavez, also has issued passports and official documents to members of Hezbollah and Hamas, whose cause Chavez believes in.

    Experts agree South America has become a place of preference for terrorists that want to travel to the United States, making it imperative for U.S. agencies responsible for protecting the American public to become more vigilant.

    “It now seems that any person wanting to attack this country could use doctored or manipulated passports or could simply travel to Mexico and pay a Coyote to illegally cross the border,” the report concludes. “It’s just a matter of time, if it has not already happened, before a terrorist, is able to get to the United States using a stolen, doctored passport.”

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    Yes. They are screwing up there, and in a dozen other areas that require someone who has more than superfical loyalty to our country.

    Utah is very symathetic to the illegal aliens, partly because they are joining the Mormon Church. They were joining the LDS and in return, the LDS helped them get into the United States. One such job was taking care of luggage in the Salt Lake City Airport. Amazing.

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    1 decade ago

    Gotta love those terrorist janitors!. A fine example of of KKK culture from the North side of the border, bet your mom is PROUD of you.

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    in theory they could. but in theory, they could also pay off americans as well. there have been american sympathizers so anything is possible.

    we've only had 1 attack on our soil by foreign agents so from a statistical stand point its unlikely, however, anything is possible. personally im not too worried

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    1 decade ago

    Mr Azteca makes a good point don't you think. While his own country is collapsing he prefers to just come to America and attack the Gringo who is spending over two million dollars an hour supporting his people. Nice work, we've come to expect that from you folks.

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    9/11 terrorists they got a US visa, mexicans who crossed the border NOT. Bush used the same arguments to go to IRAK and spend 12 millions a day, 5000 american citizen killed in irak more than 9/11 and you worry because an mexican immigrant are cleaning bathrooms, maybe you want to do that job.

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    1 decade ago

    Of course! Remember how those cleaning women blew up the twin towers?

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    Well if you don't want to discuss and face the issue of corruption, and criminal organized networks that smuggle human beings and sell them fake papers in the black market of the USA!!!!..., then sht of fk up, and keep criminalizing defaming, and bashing on undocumented immigrants.

    I am one.

    Call the migra ulero, aqui la espero.

    sin nosotros la economia colapsaria baboso!

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