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My cat is in season for the first time and is constantly meowing. How long is this behaviour likely to last?


Is she actually going to meow for two weeks, she is constantly meowing!!!!

Update 2:

i really dont want kittens so we are not going to mate her!!

can we get her spayed while she is in season?

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    YEP.......and when this "cycle" is over, you'll have about 2-3 weeks before it starts ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! The only thing that will stop this is.....being spayed ( advisable ) or getting pregnant ( NOT advisable )!

    So, unless you want to go through this ( seemingly ) forever "drama", and the constant "trying to escape" outside, you need to get her spayed. She'll live a HEALTHIER, happier life.......and so will you!!

    Spayed cats have less chance of developing CANCER of the uterus and mammary (breast) glands in later years, than those who've been left "intact". Even having a litter of kittens will not protect them as well as being spayed BEFORE having a litter!

    ** Some vets will spay during the heat season, some will not.....CALL YOUR VET AND ASK !!! **

    Hope this helps.........Good luck.

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    Hi x

    No i have a female cat she nearly 2 years old. She has been in season many of times and i an assure you its not for 2 weeks. At the most its 1 week. For the first season its normally about 4 days though. No i dont think you will be able to get her spayed whilst being in heat i'd book it now though if you want her spayed. Then once she is out of it then she can go ahead with the spay.

    Hope this helps.


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    About 2 weeks, then she may come back into heat every other week or so during spring and fall. It depends on her age, health and genetic background.

    Yes, you can have her spayed while she's in heat, but some vets prefer to wait until she is between her heat cycles because of increased chance of bleeding complications. A cat is swollen with blood and more tender during the heat cycle.

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    If she's been spayed she does no longer vocalize through going into warmth. some breeds of cats are greater vocal than others. I certainly have a shade-component shorthair which has Siamese lineage. Siamese cats are in many circumstances established to be vocal/talkers. He meows, without fail, between 3 and 6 am. LOUDLY. fantastically specific he does this through fact he needs interplay with me. he's merely somewhat decrease than a 12 months previous, so i desire he will advance out of it or a minimum of no longer take place as in many circumstances. could she have a listening to difficulty? I bear in mind reading someplace that cats with listening to deficiencies/deaf vocalize loudly and greater in many circumstances that cats with standard listening to. yet, i'm no longer enitely specific it incredibly is real.

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    When my cat went into heat, it lasts 1 to 2 weeks. Get your cat fixed, I did and she never drove us crazy with her meowing again!

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    Spay your cat then you'll never have to deal with it again. There are way too many cats needing homes so do the responsible thing and spay her.

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    4-6 days according to this site

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    probably around 2-3 weeks.

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    No. It will happen for about three to five days. But it won't stop unless your giving her attention.

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    a couple of weeks very probably.

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