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Between Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, and Academy (Oscar) Awards which gets the most hype?

Is it more prestigious to be nominated for and win and Academy (Oscar) Award or to be recognized with an award from the Screen Actor's Guild or the Golden Globes? I still think the Oscar is the only one the media really cares about in the end which is kind of disappointing because the Academy seems to overlook so many movies these days with effective acting and plot whether they are independent or popular among fans who pay to see the films. I think the Oscars is more about popularity then substance so it's about what the people on the Academy care about more than what the film critics think or even the movie goers themselves so lots of people get left out. The Academy Awards and the Grammy Awards are popularity contests: whoever has the most connections and gets the most attention wins, as opposed to whoever puts in the most emotional convincing performance with their skills which each person might vary on. Like how The Piano got the award in 1993 over Jurassic Park and Menace II Society or how Aliens was skipped over in 1986. I think the films that are very emotionally compelling should get consideration but I know compelling can mean different things to different people, let alone the guys on the Academy doing the voting. Still some people feel those voters are narrow minded and not open to new things so they vote for the same kinds of films every year by similar actors. The popularity contest concept is also a shout out to when Mariah Carey won the Best R&B Song & Best R&B Album Grammy back in 2002 over Amerie (whom also has a dynamite voice by the way). Mariah was already known too from the early 90s so I think she got more attention and praise because most people had heard more of her music in the mainstream already then they did Amerie so I think usually it comes down to connections and exposure which can be like gambling in a way: you got one random shot but you don't know what'll happen until matters are resolved: you might win or you might lose.

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    Academy Awards get the most hype because they are the most prestigious awards in the movie business, the only problem is that they only deal with movies, not tv shows or musicals. If they did, it would completely dominate the award season even more then it does now

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    i think of the Oscars are maximum prestigious. If somebody has gained greater desirable than considered one of those distinctive awards (i.e. Halle Berry has all 4), they're continuously defined as Oscar winner so-and-so. reveal screen Actor Guild is on the backside of the record. no person ever says reveal screen Actor Guild award winner _____. using fact the Golden Globes are voted on with the aid of the foreign places press, i think of they have much less meaning for human beings. The Emmys are very prestigious for television actors yet there are so plenty greater given out. There are merely this form of great variety of categories - comedy, drama, communicate teach, actuality teach, etc - to not point out that there are the two sunlight hours and evening Emmy award shows. even inspite of the incontrovertible fact that i do in comparison to how the Oscar winners are chosen and an incredible variety of times do not trust the recommendations, i think of that's the main seen and esteemed entertainment award.

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    I think the academy awards get the most hype !

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