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Please answer! what does the HG mean on Gundam model kits?

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    hi there! I've actuallr tried to research the meaning of the "G"s about the gundam kits such as hg, mg, pg, etc.. And i found out that these refers to the quality and level of detail the gundam kit has once you assemble it. (i am excluding the scales of the kits such as 1/144, 1/100, 1/60 for these are just for sizes. I'll get back to them later.)

    Ok, here we go:

    The lowest quality grade that i've seen for the gundam scale model kits are the No-grade ones. These have some detail, but relatively, the quality of its built s not as good to the other "G" categories of the gundam kits.

    The second 1 is 2 answer ur question: HG. It means High Grade, as this has a good quality built of plastic used in the kit, but this does not include as much detail as the third "G" quality which is the:

    MG - stands for Master Grade. These ones have the similar quality built of plastics used in the kit, but it is more detailed or "realistic" compared to the HG as there are more movable parts compared to the HG ones (minor diff only in terms of movability).

    And now the highest quality ones and the most expensive category of gundam i've seen are the "PG" ones which stands for Perfect Grade. This kit has the highest level of detail among the rest of the "G"s categories and is usually limited to 1/60 scale models.

    Now back to the scale sizes, usually i've seen a lot of HG gundam for the 1/144 scales which are a bit smaller among the 3. On the other hand, most MGs ive seen are on the 1/100 scale sizes and like what i said, PG's are usually on the 1/60 scale sizes, which is the biggest kit in terms of size and is most realistic.

    Additional info: most of these "G"s are only categorized under the gundam scale model kits which when you buy, it will be needed to be assembled first.

    And then there are Action Figures which are like toys that are usually 1/200 size scale.

    Hope i helped you out. Cheers! :-)

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    Hg Gundam Models

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    Actually there are 2 answers according to the world wide web and who you talk to. HG refers to any Gundam models. Model Kits mostly. Or...what I always thought was "High Grade". Being Perfect grade doesn't have PG in any of the Gundam models but says "Perfect Grade" one wonders of HG actually stands for "High Grade".

    So rest assured you are not alone. I have a huge 1:60 scale electronic RX-78 that is amazing! I have over 70+ 1:144 scale Gundams. 12 Double Zeta early 80's kits and I still don't really know what's correct. I do know that most all the model kits have HG in the title where most of the figures don't. Especially the Bandai versions.

    Source(s): Toy collector for decades.
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