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Will Americans pay any attention to this study released in Britain today?

A report on childhood released today in Britain reads:

Adult selfishness is blamed for many of the problems afflicting young people in Britain: high family break-up, teenage unkindness, unprincipled advertising, too much competition in education and ("of course" say the report's authors) "our acceptance of income inequality".

Echoing conservative party arguments, the collapse of the traditional family is seen as a critical factor. Lone parents, absent fathers,working mothers.

While these ideas may appeal to traditionalists, the report recommends : HIGHER TAXES, SIGNIFICANT REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH to counter child poverty and huge investment in mental and health services, education and child care.


O.K. I see

Everybody in favor of screwing our kids and the future of our society to save a few dollars today say "aye!"

Update 2:

And what would be that root cause?Do you forget women had to enter the workforce among other things because one parent working wasn't putting enough food on the table?

Since the 70's the working and middle class has not gotten a pay rise.

What one person could do before now takes two. All the while childcare has not improved and has only gotten more expensive, nor has education, maternity and family leave as well as health careis pitiful compared to all the first world and even some of the third world countries. We are the only industrialized country that doesn't have a law on paid vacation.

Should I keep going or can I trust you to do your research?

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    Agreed. Yet what is one to do when their spouse is harmful and agreements of marriage being dishonored . . .thus poor role model to children viewing that harmful behavior in their parents?

    I feel equally important messages should be conveyed and taught to individuals before dating and to couples before marriage.

    Discourage or eliminate unprincipled advertising, poor role models celebrities are "cheered" in news, empty and ego based competition.

    When people honor and value relationships and society more...then there will be less "broken homes".

    Focus on the kids who will one day be adults and later parents. By raising valuing children and young adults then they'll be less "broken homes".

    Keep awareness when having a family that you're not just raising children . . .you're also raising future adults.

    The parent raising a child is raising someones future co-worker, friend, neighbor, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse. . .a future mother or father.


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    As an American, it is a problem we have had here for a couple of generations now. In my peer group we are all single moms. The men choose to have girlfriends so we ended up divorced. None of them pay child support. We (my peer group) are working and going to college. It is normal for many people to be in this situation in the United States. I can not afford child care so I have relatives (thank God) that are able to help for now. I do not need to do research, I am living it. I can not afford medical insurance either. My place of employment has just closed its doors. Some of my friends will be unemployed by the end of Feb. Their company's doors are closing too.

    In our peer group, we push the education issue with our kids. We constantly remind them they will HAVE to have a college education (even if it is from a 2 year technical college) in order to have a job that pays half way decent.

    We don't need to look to foreign countries to see what is right in front of us here in America.

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    The most important line in what you copied over is

    "Echoing conservative party arguments, the collapse of the traditional family is seen as a critical factor. Lone parents, absent fathers,working mothers."

    Begin fixing this, and the rest will disappear as problems.

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    I agree it's because of adult selfishness, particularly divorces as well as parents not showing an interest in their kids and their kids' activities. However, poverty, imo, does not really contribute as much as those other factors. There have always been poor people, and kids have come from those families to become very wealthy. Anyone can do that.

    All you will accomplish by taking more from those who earned it is causing resentment between different groups of people, and you will kill any remaining motivation to do well for oneself financially. Why should we listen to one report's suggestions, when there are other people who say we should not do that?

    "Echoing conservative party arguments, the collapse of the traditional family is seen as a critical factor. Lone parents, absent fathers,working mothers." -- And people still want gays to be able to marry and adopt. Oh, the irony.

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    To me it sounds like you are saying we have to make some efforts to integrate our children into a system that is eventually due to fail, as you can plainly see. The biggest hot air balloon about this the transfer of blame, also called politics, meaning parents blame the system and the system blames the parents. Could it be that there is something wrong with a system that, in its essence, teaches survival of the fittest?

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    what an idea. I hear rich Bill Cosby always complaining about black families who don't spend time with their kids while they are exhausted from working so hard & wonder how $400 will pay for $1000 of bills. This is the first time I heard this & very interesting. It is like something that was hidden in a closet. The problem is most republicans are brainwashed they can't see how this would help them more than what has been done.

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    Unless Obama repeals the Presidential term limit, like he's trying to this moment, he will be a one term President, once everyone sees their skyrocketing gas, electricity, and food bills, continuing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and possible war with North Korea.

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    What would teach them to have more accountability and responsibility than their parents? The government? The government is blamed for everything and expected to do everything at the same time in that case. An easy scapegoat and a pacifier all-in-one. A bunch of overgrown babies is what you have.

    awww, that's the world I want to live in...[sarcasm]

  • That report is spot on, whether or not you want to believe it or not.

    Economies go stagnant when income distribution is unequal. When too few people control much of the wealth, it doesn't get spent like it should and business suffers.

    If more people understood the economy, it would function properly.

    EDIT: I'm not advocating outright socialism, but whether it's jobs or free money, people need to get paid somehow.

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    The Government should concentrate on running the country, not running peoples lives.

    As a Brit I'm getting used to the smell of Bull S***.

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