3-1-1 rule is stupid split the liquid up and get more on than original bottle?

How is it a problem to bring a 16-20 oz bottle of whatever in a carry on bag but yet if you split it up into 8 3oz bottles( like the pictures on the TSA websites) you can get 24 oz total in carry on. On 9/11 it wasn't one person 24 oz times 3 or 4 people that's a lot considering our great government showed its possible to damage a plane with liquids in a 32 oz bottle ok takes 2 peoples carry on I feel really safe great guidelines

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it there for a reason

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    1 decade ago

    It all has to fit in one quart size zip lock baggie.. I doubt you could put 8 3 oz. bottles in a single baggie.

    I'm sure it would be noticeable is several people were to pull out a bunch of 3 oz bottles and put then together.

    I'd certainly buzz the stewardess if I saw someone pouring just one of these into another container or anything else.

    Anything is possible.. but probable.. not.

    Source(s): Travel often .. and don't mind the rules..
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