Could someone explain to me briefly the different party's for this coming election?



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    Major party lists

    (as published by The Jerusalem Post)

    Note: Full list of 34 parties is available on the Knesset website (Hebrew)


    Top 10 candidates: Tzipi Livni, Shaul Mofaz, Dalia Itzik, Tzahi Hanegbi, Ronnie Bar-On, Ze'ev Boim, Meir Sheetrit, Ruhama Avraham-Balila, Avi Dichter, Marina Solodkin (Hebrew, Russian)

    Likud - Ahi

    Top 10 candidates: Binyamin Netanyahu, Gideon Sa'ar, Gilad Erdan, Reuven Rivlin, Bennie Begin, Moshe Kahlon, Silvan Shalom, Moshe Ya'alon, Yuval Steinitz, Leah Nass (Hebrew, English, Russian)


    Top 10 candidates: Ehud Barak, Isaac Herzog, Ophir Paz-Pines, Avishay Braverman, Shelly Yacimovich, Matan Vilna'i, Eitan Cabel, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, Yuli Tamir, Amir Peretz (Hebrew)

    Israel Beytenu

    Top 10 candidates: Avigdor Lieberman, Uzi Landau, Stas Meseznikov, Yitzhak Aharonovich, Sofa Landver, Orly Levy, Danny Ayalon, David Rotem, Anastasia Michaeli, Faina Kirschenbaum (Hebrew, English, Russian)


    Top 10 candidates: Eli Yishai, Ariel Attias, Yitzhak Cohen, Amnon Cohen, Meshulam Nahari, Ya'acov Margi, David Azoulay, Yitzhak Vaknin, Nissim Ze'ev, Haim Amsalem

    Meretz and The New Movement

    Top 10 candidates: Haim Oron, Ilan Gilon, Nitzan Horowitz, Zehava Gal-On, Mossi Raz, Avshalom Vilan, Talia Sasson, Tzvia Greenfeld, Tzali Reshef, Issawi Freij

    United Torah Judaism

    Top 10 candidates: Ya'acov Litzman, Moshe Gafni, Meir Porush, Uri Maklev, Menahem Eliezer Moses, Yisrael Eichler, Menahem Carmel, Ya'acov Guterman, Avraham Yosef Lazerson, Shimon Hadad

    National Union

    Top 5 candidates: Ya'acov Katz, Uri Ariel, Arye Eldad, Michael Ben-Ari, Uri Bank

    Habayit Hayehudi - The New National Religious Party (NRP)

    Top 5 candidates: Daniel Herschkowitz, Zevulun Orlev, Uri Orbach, Nissan Slomiansky, Shalom Jerby.

    Arab Parties:


    Top 5 candidates: Jamal Zahalka, Said Nafa, Hanin Zuabi, Abbas Zakour, Oonie Tuma.


    Top 5 candidates: Muhammad Barakei, Hanna Sweid, Dov Henin, Abu Agberiah, Aida Tuma-Kalimah

    United Arab List-Ta'al

    Top 5 candidates: Ibrahim Sarsour, Ahmed Tibi, Taleb a-Sanaa, Masid Gnaim, Taleb Abu Arar

    Green Party

    Top 5 candidates: Pe'er Visner, Dror Ezra, Ariella Ringel-Hoffman, Rafi Kishon, Alex Weinreb.

    Meimad-Green Movement

    Top 5 candidates: Michael Melchior, Eran Ben-Yemini, Alon Tal, Yonina Falnberg, Iris Hahn.


    Top 5 candidates: Rafi Eitan, Gideon Reicher, Yossi Katz, Ya'acov Ben-Yizri, Shimrit Or. (Hebrew)

    Other parties: Israel Hazaka, Or, Green Leaf, Tzomet.

    See also: Ynet - Party fact file

    Also read

    it has more interesting facts on the elections

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    I just wish that I knew if any of them cared about the innocent civilians that were killed in Gaza. They would get my vote. Just to get a hint of humanity from any of the candidates would make me feel better. I'm familiar with many of the names on the lists, and it makes my heart sink to know that this is the best we could come up with.

    Dandyl: good job!

  • ha
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    my particular favorite is the green leaf party which calls for the legalization of marijuana. apparently the illegal pot comes from hamas!

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