Give me 3 folksongs each from luzon,visayas and mindanao?

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what are the different folk songs in the parts of the philippines(luzon,visayas,mindanao)
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Lawiswis Kawayan - A Waray folk song that has becaome popular throughout the Philippine archipelago. The dance is probably a late choreography to the folk song. There are four versions to the Lawiswis Kawayan dance: one from Kolambugan, Lanao performed by the Waray settlers in that place. Another version from Eastern Samar uses a "bangko/puruk-anan" as an implement to the dancing. The male dancers have a mango leaf on their mouth in one figure of the dance.

Subli - is a folkdance in the Philippines. It is considered a favorite of the people of the barrios of the municipality of Bauan, Batangas. It is a ceremonial worship dance performed in homage to the Holy Cross referred to in the vernacular as Mahal Na Poong Santa Cruz. It originated some three hundred years ago in the barrio of Dingin, Alitagtag, Batangas. Its name is derived from 2 Tagalog words "subsub" and "bali."
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