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I can't save my game in pokemon fire red?

See i am using Visual Boy Advance version 1.8.0 Beta 0 with Link support.So when the first time i opened the rom of pokemon fire red it showed me this message"The 1M Sub-circuit board is not installed".I ignored it and continue playing my game,during gameplay i can't save my game because when I save my game it shows"Save Error Plz exchange the backup memory".So i always save my game by pressing Ctrl + S.And now i have defeated the champion of pokemon league but i can't continue beacause the game is not saving,i opened internet and searched for everything,they say to change Fals 64 k to Flash 128K , i tried everything but the game isn't saving now too.Now when i tried to play the same rom on No$GBA emulator it doesn't shows me any such messages and when i try to save my game it saved without any problem.But my all progress is stored in a .SGM File of visual boy advance and when i try to load that file in No$GBA it doesn't open it.Anyone plz help me either u solve my problem in Visual Boy advance ,so that the game save without any problem or solve my problem in No$GBA so that i will be able to load my .SGM file of vba in NO$GBA and plz explain me everything properly and i will give u 10 points for best answer

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    OK, here's what you do. If you download the file, don't extract it. Example: You download Pokemon Fire Red so the file you download would be PokemonFireRed - (just an example). You should open the game as a zip so it should go something like VBA -> File -> Open -> PokemonFireRed -

    this would fix the problem

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    Pokemon Fire Red Zip

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    i hope this helped.

    for the no$gba, u don't have to open that .SGM file. but u just keep open the real file/ real ROM of Pokemon Fire red.

    hope this helped.

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    You should try unplugging the game and plugging it back in, then save it. Try blowing on the gamecard to get rid of dust.

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